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  1. Hi Katie Yes - just had a look at the sheet layer and yes - there is a line around the outside of the border which is on the edge of the paper size. Is this working as normal? I have no margin set for title block, grid lines are set to none. Border is not filled. If I set pen to None the whole border disappears. Any clues?
  2. Hmm - yes, the whole thing is in a rectangle. The bottom right corner is the insertion point. There is nothing "extra" on this though. Not sure what you're getting at...
  3. Hi When printing pages with a drawing border, there is an extra line printed outside the border. Presumably this is to show the page boundary itself but it doesn't look great. Is there a way to stop this happening and JUST have the one border line. I can export the file to pdf, open it with Illustrator and delete it, but this isn't ideal! Thanks
  4. Hi I have updated my plant database using excel successfully. Is there a similar way to populate my notes database? I want to add all my standard specification information (currently in a word document) but rather than have to cut and paste into the dialogue boxes, is there a file I can access via excel to make this a bit quicker? If so, where can I find it? And presumably I need to back this file/files up before upgrading to 12.5.2 or I will lose any changes I have made? Many thanks!
  5. Hi Richard I use a code which is the first letter of the generic name, then the first three letters of either the species or variety name. Then it's most likely to be a) memorable by you and b) unique on the drawing. e.g. Sgig is Stipa gigantea and CKar is Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' I went through the entire plant database and changed all the ones that were supplied. I also added lists from my local nursery. I did all this using excel though - rather easier than using VW to do it. Time consuming but once done it's done. It IS very disappointing that Place Plant doesn't pick up this info from the database though. Once I have selected the plant I want from the database I copy and paste the Species field into the Name field too. But yes, you have to re-type the height and spread as well as the id which is frustrating. The spread info is taken from the symbol you have chosen, not the underlying plant data. The spacing I can understand why it wants you to manually enter - but not the size of the plant. Maybe one day... However, for me, it's still a HUGE leap forward from a pencil, circle template and an eraser! And then getting a worksheet to count them for me is heaven. Have fun.
  6. Hi I have added some text to the schedule comments section on my plant records (not the plant reference data record, the plant record). When I use a simple plant list, this information is truncated. If I create a custom report the same thing happens. I can increase the size of the column on the worksheet, and my data is not at the 256 character limit. It is truncating at the default column size (about 60 characters). Is there anything I can do about this? I have also tried creating a worksheet from the plant database record, using the notes field and the user comments 1, 2 and 3 fields. Same problem. What am I doing wrong? Is there anything I can do about this other than go directly to the plant reference file itself and cut the text I need? Thanks Tamsin
  7. Thank you! Set the fill to solid in the class, then set the texture, then set the object to inherit class texture. Is that it? Many many thanks. I can go to bed now!
  8. I have tried solid, none and an image fill. Which should I be using?? Thanks for replying - it's past midnight here!
  9. Hi - probably a stupid question but please can anyone help? I have a drawing with lots of 3d polys and hardscapes all rendering beautifully with textures applied through classes. However, I also have several objects which were created using the wall tool. I have tried to apply textures through classes and through the OIP - but to no avail. When I render, they appear in wireframe whilst the rest of the drawing has textures where required. What am I doing wrong? Yes - I do have renderworks and I am on 12.5. Many thanks!
  10. Katie I have Landmark and the Stack Layers command doesn't seem to be available. Is it Architect only? The Layer Link works fine though.
  11. Many thanks So I have to use the attribute mapping tool in order to set the gradient attributes? Thanks T
  12. If I create a gradient and use it to fill a shape, then use the Gradient Settings palette to change the appearance of that gradient all is well HOWEVER, if I then create a SECOND gradient, it appears in the resource browser, I can use it as a fill as usual. But if I try to amend it to be radial etc via the Gradient Settings palette, the second gradient doesn't appear. I can only use my first gradient or the default content. Any ideas?
  13. Katie I just want to add a mass of plants to my plant reference file using excel... I WILL take up your offer and send you over my list, but I need to do a little work on it first so please bear with me. As for adding plant definitions (i.e symbols connected with plants from the database, picking up height and spread attributes etc) that would be lovely - but I'm just interested in enhancing my plant reference database. I'll be in touch on email over the next few days. Thanks for your offer.
  14. Oooh - fab - thanks Katie. That's really kind of you. Do you want to save yourself some work and just send me the step by step? tamsinslatter@hotmail.com Many thanks Tamsin
  15. Just want to make it quite clear - I'm not moaning! I love the product and compared to pen and ink, it makes my work profitable! I just want to understand a bit more about how the plant reference file works and the best working method. I want to add plants to suit my own designs - but would like to be able to automate that process outside of VW using excel. I have a big list already in excel that I'd like to suck in without having to re-type. Can anyone recommend any good documentation that goes into this level of detail? My only suggestion (not moan) is that it would be nice if having associated a symbol with a plant from the plant reference data file, the symbol can't pick up the size from the plant reference data as well as the name etc.
  16. Very strange - not had similar problems. I've had files hang and lost work that way, but I suspect I need more RAM. Anyway - I'm glad it's working for you now!
  17. Hmm - that's an odd one. Are you using database controls when the notes manager appears? There is no reason why you shouldn't - just trying to reproduce your problem and I can't You say that you are clicking OK - but you should need to do this twice. Once to create the note itself, and again to leave the Notes Manager dialogue - the notes object should then appear on your drawing. Talk me through it even more step by step and I'll see if I can work out what's happening.
  18. As a garden designer in the UK and a refugee from "20 years in the IT industry person", my comment is that the database and place plant concept idea is far better than a circle template with a pencil and ERASER, which is where I've come from with this product. I am working on getting under the skin of the database to load my own plants quickly because, No - the plants list as shipped isn't much good to me. Can anyone suggest any decent, DETAILED, documentation on this? I DO know my plants, and the database doesn't take away the need for plant knowledge - nor would I want it to. But it does dramatically speed up the process of placing plants on a drawing, labelling them and totalling the list. What I would like it to do, is pull out the height and spread information when using plant data, rather than default to the symbol size. If you're associating the graphic with that plant, it makes more sense to me to use that data rather than have to type over the size that comes with the symbol. I know I still may want to make changes to that because of the style of placement, but it would be better to start with the plant's size than the symbol's. Is this the place to make such suggestions?
  19. I'm sure they are... Are they DETAILED with lovely techy stuff like this though? If so - I'm tempted...
  20. Thanks Jonathan You're a star. One last (tiny) question - do I need to update the row count or will excel update that when it saves the file after my additions? Cheers Tamsin
  21. If I just add the plant names and their categories, will that cause problems? I was hoping I could load in all the plant names quickly through excel, adding the information I have in the correct column, leaving others blank to complete later via the dialogue box. But your last statement about missed fields maybe implies that I can't do this? Could you confirm that VW DOES expect a row count at the top of the list as I see this when I first import open the file in excel. Is there any detailed documentation on this anywhere?? Thanks Brave Tazza
  22. It may be dangerous, but I am a very very brave girl... Perhaps you could elaborate (please)? I do have LOTS of plants to add - not just a couple. Are you saying that when I tab from one column in excel to the next I could screw things up? If not - is there anything mysterious that excel could be adding to the file?
  23. Hi Can anyone help? I am trying to use Excel to modify my plant data rather than using the form in VectorWorks. This is because I already have a long plant list in excel I would like to include... 1) I copied PlantReferenceData.txt first (thank goodness). 2) Then, I opened it using Excel 2003. It recognised that this is tab delimited data and I opened the file using all the defaults. 3) I typed a new plant name at the bottom of the file - and Perennials in the column where all the other plants have their type. 4) I saved the file, ensuring I Save As tab-delimited text. 5) When I then open VectorWorks and try to view my new plant, I am unable to open the plant database (either from the New Plant button or from AEC/Plant Reference Data. I get a VectorWorks script error. 6) I restored my original PlantReferenceData file and all is well (phew). What am I doing wrong? Does excel add something funny to the file when it opens/saves it? Any hints would be gratefully received as ever.
  24. Thanks Katie - I understand that - just couldn't get the tool to work and knew someone would ask me! I appreciate your help.


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