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  1. The contours are interpolated - they will not necessarily follow spot heights. Imagine you have a spot height at 10.5 metres and another at 11.5 metres. If you have contours showing every 1 metre of height change, then the contour will work out where the 11 metre line is between these two points. To get contours closer to the spot heights, decrease the contour interval - this will give you more contours, but they will inevitably be closer to your spot heights. Hope that helps
  2. Yes - create a new class as usual but instead of naming a new class, click the import button instead and the browse to the file you want to import from. Uncheck the box to only show classes in not in the current document. Highlight the classes you want to import and click OK. The attributes of the incoming classes will override classes already setup in your file.
  3. As I said, I'll be happy to look at the VW file is you upload it here. I don't need a PDF - I need to see the VW file so I can work out what is going wrong with the render. Cheers
  4. Do you want to upload your file and I'll take a look and see if I can give you some pointers.
  5. Hey Dave - you're welcome - but people will get the wrong idea!!!
  6. Hi Dave These are under Applications/Vectorworks 20xx/Libraries/Objects-Entertainment. But I think we added these as favourites when you came for your training. So maybe you are looking for alternatives to those shipped with VW. All the best
  7. Possibly by editing the design layer through the viewport and having create reference object (or something like that - just rushing out and too later to check exact name!) checked on the edit viewport dialog. This creates a rectangle on the design layer, the same size as the viewport crop. It can be really useful if you are breaking up a large plan into smaller viewports.
  8. So, you add your tile file as a favourite and the fills are just not showing as available resources within that file?
  9. Landmark and Architect both have the same DTM tools and can model the site in the same way. Architect will give you much larger range of Architectural tools for the building, while Landmark will give you Place Plant, Landscape Area and Existing Tree, all of which will help you with showing the vegetation on the site. You can get both by going for Vectorworks Designer. You'll need Renderworks if you want to show 3D plants using Image Props, but you may be dealing with that side of things within CINEMA 4D. Hope that helps!
  10. Hmm - they should show then. Maybe low spec - try updating the graphics drivers? If it's an OpenGL view, you need to set Use Planar Attributes in the OpenGL options
  11. The appearance of the 3D model is down to the amount of source data that's available, but there is an option for VW to interpolate more points and display a smoother model. In addition, you can apply Mesh Smoothing in the Document Preferences, but this will impact your entire model - not just the terrain. The terrain modelling tools are really powerful!
  12. Which version of VW are you using?
  13. When you create the Viewport from a Renderworks Camera, you do get a prompt asking if you wish to link the camera to the viewport. If you choose not to, the camera remains in the Visualization palette. You can edit the camera by double-clicking the viewport and choosing Camera. I am not seeing the camera being lost when I duplicate the viewport though... I can duplicate a viewport and then edit the camera of each to show a different view.
  14. No problem! It's really cool eh?
  15. Tile fills are for 2011 onwards...but they can be used in all license types.
  16. You CAN use any 3D Polygon as a Site Modifier. All you have to do is put it in the class Site-DTM-Modifier. Same applies to 3D Loci, Nurbs curves and Nurbs surfaces.
  17. Just checked again - it's working fine on my machine. Did you get the file I sent back to you?
  18. I am not seeing the same thing. The palette will grey out, because it is a complex symbol containing objects that all derive their attributes from sub-classes. This is completely normal. But on your Planting layer, I click on a blank space on the drawing and check nothing is selected. In this state, your attributes palette was set to 0%. I changed it to 100% and placed a plant. All visible.
  19. I am not seeing the same problem in the Viewports as you, so I suspect you are just running out of memory on your laptop. Also, you have opacity set to 0%, so whenever you place plants or anything else, it disappears from the plan. Late nights, not enough sleep and a looming deadline is my diagnosis!
  20. They look to be mcd files, so unlikely to be newer than 2011, but I could be wrong!
  21. Sorry, you are quite right - I misread the signature and thought you were on 2011.
  22. Is your camera linked to a viewport? If so, right-click or double-click on the viewport and choose Edit Camera.
  23. Hi Pedro You need to change the Z value of your Loci to match the levels taken on site (in the Object Info palette). You can then use them as source data for a site model. However, I would recommend that you look at the Stake Object tool which you will find in the Site Planning toolset. It is a hybrid tool which will create your 3D Loci as well as creating a 2D plan view of the locus, with the height labelled. You can also use 3D Polygons representing the contours on the site, again setting their Z values in the Object Info palette. I am running a course on Site Modelling next week, but I guess the UK is too far for you to travel from Portugal! Good luck with the project.
  24. You'll also need to create a class for the texture that you want your texture bed to display. You need to specify this class in the properties of the texture bed. Have fun.


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