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  1. It's fully controlled by Page Setup - and you can now add it as a Quick Preference at the top right of your screen, so you turn it on and off with the click of a button.
  2. Hi Jeremy Bryan is quite right - always back up before doing anything potentially destructive to your system. And always backup anyway. And then backup some more... But to add to that, you will find that there is no Uninstall application icon with Vectorworks,it is simply a case of dragging the folder from the Applications folder to the Trash. This does not remove your resource browser favourite links or any preference settings, as these are stored under Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2010. If you have made any folders for your own symbols etc, make sure they are NOT saved in Applications or you will lose them. But I guess, even before doing this, is to ask has the crashing just started? Has something changed on the Mac? For example, have you updated the operating system to Lion? Do you have the latest service pack for 2010? Do feel free to give us a call in the office if you are still having problems. All the best and hope you are well!
  3. You're welcome! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
  4. You can use File > Batch Convert option to convert a group of files too.
  5. Just a thought... Have you tried employing a light that does not cast shadows for the light that needs to pass through the glass? It will then ignore the glass altogether. I am sure you've probably tried this as it sounds like you have had a detailed go at this... but might be worth a try.
  6. Hi Make a site model from the existing levels of the site (either point data with Stakes or 3D Polys to represent contours). Use Site Modifiers (pads) to modify the site to accommodate the building. It's a large subject to condense into a quick reply, but hopefully that sets you in the right direction. The site model is a very powerful object. Once it's been modified in this way, it can show you existing and proposed contours, and a 3D model with a variety of display of options. I would usually reference the building into the site or the site into the building file using Design Layer Viewports. Hope that helps you get started, but feel free to ask more questions.
  7. How big is your polyline? What distance do you have set in the Preferences?
  8. Ooops Grant and I pressed Submit at the same time. Yes - it will calculate GI each time. The full version of CINEMA 4D does cache the GI solution.
  9. Radiosity has been replaced by something much simpler to manage! Go to View>Lighting>Set Lighting Options and you'll see Indirect Lighting. You have three choices - single bounce, two bounces or four bounces. I wrote a migration guide this time last year which might help you with the transition from the old render engine to the new CINEMA 4D based render engine. You can download it free from here: http://www.vectorworks-training.co.uk/Buy_Vectorworks/Renderworks.aspx The link is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!
  10. Have you put the graphic within the title block symbol?
  11. OK glad to help, but Glow won't do a great job without indirect lighting turned to at least one bounce. But you might not need HDRI.
  12. You have to delete lights to get back to the default light. Are you using light bouncing in the Lighting Options? This will create better definition of light and shade too. Also, try creating objects with a texture applied that has a reflectivity setting of Glow. This will create a light source that renders relatively quickly, but you do need light bouncing on for it to have any effect.
  13. Hi Luke As long as the lines are connected at their end points, you can select one line and then choose Edit > Select Connected Objects. Then, use Modify > Compose to combine them into a polyline.
  14. You could also try the Polygon tool in Polygon from Inner Boundary mode. As long as the surrounding edges of the shapes are closed and on the same design layer, Vectorworks will be able to create a new polygon to fill the space.
  15. Hi Miles Yes, edit your Vectorworks Preferences and choose Center on Objects After View Change on the Display tab. Hope that helps
  16. The Triangle tool is great for locating points on a site which were measured by triangulation. Much quicker than the old method of using overlapping arcs.
  17. On your viewport, when you choose to Edit Design Layer, make sure you uncheck Add Reference Crop Object. It is this that is drawing the green rectangles, as Ozzie said above. It can be really useful, but if you don't want them,they are a pain!
  18. Yes it was as I suspected. I created a new image prop from an imported plant image. I chose not to have constant reflectivity and not to have crossed planes. I then created a new plant and used the new image prop as the 3D element of the plant. This automatically turned on crossed planes within the plant. If the plant doesn't have constant reflectivity, this causes the shadow line to appear down the centre of the plant when rendered. I then edited the texture that goes with the image prop and added Glow reflectivity. I edited the glow and turned it down to 50%. This got rid of the shadow line but they are not too bright either. I do hope that helps.
  19. My machine is in the middle of rendering something at the moment, but when it finishes, I will check. I believe that Plant objects always used Crossed Planes, regardless of the settings on the image prop and that the Glow reflectivity (constant reflectivity pre-2011) is applied by default to avoid the problem of the shadow down the center line of the plant.
  20. Are you using the Place Plant tool and putting this 3D image prop into a Plant object?
  21. Ian, you can reset defaults by renaming your user folder (User/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2011. If you rename this folder and then restart Vectorworks, it will create a new user folder. I have no idea if this will resolve your problem. However, once you have a new user folder, you can of course restore elements from the old one, such as workspaces and other saved settings. There is no uninstall option for Vectorworks on either the PC or the Mac, so, yes, if you do decide to uninstall, drop the Vectorworks 2011 folder from the Applications folder into the trash.
  22. Hi Ian Well, it seems something has gone seriously wrong in your file... If you have created only one model, there should be only one model. You can get back to the source data - right-click the site model and choose Edit Source Data. Is it worth copying the source data into a fresh file, and creating a new model from it? You could then move your modifiers across and see if it behaves better for you there? I would also recommend trying out referencing the original survey using a Design Layer Viewport rather than working in the same file as the imported DWG. Regarding layer visibility issues - check the settings of the site model. It is now possible to choose which modifiers will affect the model - all layers, visible layers only or only on the same layer as the site model. SOrry to hear of your problems. Hope this helps.
  23. Hi Ian To get you out of a hole, you could make your own modifier... Ungroup your retaining wall site modifier to get to its component parts. Delete the offending element. Draw a 3D Polygon along the edge of the outside of the wall. Use Landmark > Send to Surface. This will adjust the 3D Poly to the terrain. Put the 3D Poly into the Site-DTM-Modifier class, and it becomes a modifier. I hope that helps you get moving again.
  24. It's not there on 2012 anymore. But it was at 2010, which jgmrussell is using according to his signature.
  25. Check View > Unified View Settings to see if you had turned it off there.


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