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  1. Plant are symbols (red symbols - symbols that know they are parametric objects), so you can select the blocks and choose Modify > Convert > Replace with Symbol. You could probably replace them all with the same plant symbol, and then select groups of plants and choose Replace Plant on the Object Info palette as you choose different plants.
  2. Can you post a file with the Hardscape in please Roger?
  3. Thanks @Michal Zarzecki. We certainly remember the conversation and want to reassure you that your comments and wishes are not forgotten and this is on our discussion agenda.
  4. Hi Lisa I'm not familiar with Sharepoint in detail, but assuming that it works like Dropbox, Box, etc, in that a file is stored in the cloud but syncs to a local copy on your hard drive? If so, Sharepoint is not listed as one of the supported cloud options: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box https://www.vectorworks.net/products/features/project-sharing However, the process for any cloud sharing is that the FOLDER containing the project file is shared (not the project file itself) among the users. Working files should not be stored in that folder. I hope that helps...
  5. Just to let you know, I'm seeing the same issue and have filed a bug with our engineering team. VB-173558
  6. Hi Tom I'm looking into this for you. I suspect it is because the underlying type of geometry changes. If the Hardscape is a Slab, then the geometry is an extrude. When it's Aligned Slab, it becomes a mesh. But I will do some more testing and speak to our engineering team to see if I can get to the bottom of it.
  7. I will look into that ticket for you. Meanwhile, I reiterate that I will be happy to spend some time with you on this.
  8. @Kevin C All CAD software requires the geometry to be close to its internal origin. For projects where real world coordinates are required, that's what the user coordinate system is for. Once the agreed project coordination point is set in the user coordinate system and positioned over the internal origin, real world coordinates will be preserved, and geometry will be where it should be. GIS files will also line up if this is required. I ran a webinar recently that covered this very topic: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/page/view.php?id=617 In addition, I would be more than happy to arrange a time to go through a workflow with you that will ensure your real world coordinates are preserved and that you are able to coordinate with your wider project team without compromise. Please let me know if you would like to arrange this.
  9. Thanks for asking. We have a number of options available to you at this difficult time. Please contact the local renewals team (I understand they have reached out to you today), to discuss these options. This blog article gives some insight into the ways that we are helping our customers during the pandemic: https://blog.vectorworks.net/how-vectorworks-is-helping-customers-during-covid-19 We look forward to talking to you.
  10. Yes, the hatch will be a separate resource in the file. Just locate it by name, and edit it.
  11. You're very welcome. And thanks for saying thanks. It's appreciated.
  12. In the Landmark workspace, there is also a command, View > Show > Show or Hide Site Modifiers. But the class works equally well, and does not turn off the functionality of the site modifiers.
  13. If you edit the symbol again, this time choosing to edit the 2D graphics, I think the geometry should be pointing above the X axis. But yes, you may need to flip individual instance of the symbol in the same way that you would a door. I think you'll only be able to do multiple sockets into one wall at a time.
  14. Once you've changed the symbol options, you might be able to select all your sockets in one and drag them over to the wall, so that they attach. The wall should highlight as it does when you insert a window or door.
  15. Yes, if you right click on the symbol on the Resource Manager, and choose to edit the Symbol Options, you can check Insert in Wall, and then choose On Edge. You can also define how it cuts the wall, if at all.
  16. I am not experiencing this at all anymore. I think it might be an old template issue. If you use the Garden Design template that's provided with 2020, do you still see the problem?
  17. It was 1989! Teaching those with typewriters to move to Word Processors.
  18. Mark, when I started teaching people technology at the age of 24, Copy and Paste was definitely revolutionary!
  19. Or, copy and paste an existing database header row, and then just edit the criteria.
  20. You can have multiple database header rows in the same worksheet. Just go to the row where you would like the next one, right click on it, and nominate it as a database row. Then set the criteria.
  21. It does work in 3D but fails to detect if the object is outside the bounding box on the Z axis. So will include elements you may not want to include.
  22. @markdd I think the Location is within thinks only in 2D... I extruded the polyline and gave it a new name. I then duplicated a symbol and moved it up on the Z axis, but within the bounding box of the extrude. They worksheet reported it. I then moved it up further on the Z axis, so still within the plan bounding box, but outside the 3D bounding box. The worksheet still reported it. Sorry.
  23. And you want to show the area name beside each item? @JMR, how are you displaying the Polygon area name on the drawing? That's what I am struggling with because there is no relationship between the area and the objects being reported.
  24. Thanks @JMR but I think this has beaten me. I agree that having a common prefix on all the areas will help narrow down the results. However, I think that @markdd is also looking to include the name of the Location polyline or polygon alongside the objects that are reported. However, as there is no direct relationship between the elements, other than physical proximity, I can't see a way to do it. Although the symbols are enclosed within the polyline, they are not related to it. And it could be that they are actually enclosed within more than one polyline, so it's not necessarily a one to one correlation, if that makes any sense. So, I think this will need someone much smarter than me to answer!


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