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  1. To clarify - this discussion started in April this year and was immediately picked up by myself and our development team. An enhancement request in April is too late to be released in September the same year. Our rigorous planning and design process for new features takes place in the autumn, and this post together with feedback from many other sources, is feeding into that discussion.

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  2. Hi @Michal Zarzecki

    Decisions on what will be included in future releases happens at this time of year. Whilst I cannot categorically state what will be in any future release of Vectorworks, I can confirm that there are detailed internal discussions taking place on this right now, and that these forum posts are included in the discussion, as well as feedback from face to face meetings with our customers, and our global distributors.

  3. Yes, after I posted last night, I was thinking the same thing - you won't necessarily have easily definable verticals and horizontals on a landscape photograph with which to line things up.

    So, your idea of using a Renderworks camera is a sound thought, worth exploration... but I am just not sure how accurate it would be for you. The Renderworks camera does indeed have settings that match those on a real-world camera. But I am not sure how much this could be relied on to produce your image. Presumably this is for LVIA? I will ask our engineering friends and see what they say.

    Note: If using these camera "effects", you will need to turn on camera effects in the Renderworks style for them to take effect.

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  4. I recommend that you keep Site Modifiers on a separate layer, if not more than one separate layer. That means that you can easily control and select them, but also experiment with different design options. Within the Site Model Settings dialogue, if you set the Use Site Modifiers on option to Visible layers only (or there is also an option to choose specific layers that are able to update the model), you will find that you can apply different sets of modifiers to the site. It's also a great option for trouble-shooting.

  5. It looks like the Drawing Label that is automatically created when you create a viewport (unless you uncheck the box on the Create Viewport dialogue).

    To edit it, double-click on the geometry in the viewport and choose to edit Annotations. THis is where you should add dimensions and other relevant notes, but also where you'll find the Drawing Label.

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  6. Hi Bruce

    Classes are not actually associated with layers. They are completely independent elements. So, an object sits on a layer but is also a member of a class. But there is no relationship between a class and a layer.

    So, you might want to put the floor and ceiling on separate layers, for physical separation from everything else, but keep the walls and cabinetry all on the same layer. But put your walls in one class and cabinets in another (you could also break down the different elements of the cabinets into classes, depending on how detailed you need them to be (handles, doors, tops, sides, etc.)


    So, in summary, I would use fewer layers and more classes, and then saved views to control what's visible at any time.

  7. Put the plants for that area on their own design layer. 

    Edit the worksheet, and edit the criteria (right-click on the row header with the diamond symbol).

    Click more choices to add another selection criteria that filters the report to Layer = <Layer on which the plants are sitting>.



    On the design layer, draw a polyline around the plants in question (make sure it is large enough to include any tags that are displayed as part of the plants).

    On the Object Info palette, at the bottom, there is a Name field. Give your polyline a friendly name.

    Edit the worksheet criteria (as described above) and add a filter for Location IS WITHIN <Friendly Polyline Name>

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  8. Login to the student portal, using the account you set up last year and then request the extension from there (if you can't remember your password, there is an option to reset it on the login page). You'll need to include an image of your student card that shows your are still studying. Then, we'll review and extend as appropriate.



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