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  1. I experience the same problem with the 2d plants objects from the 'VectorWorks Landmark 2008 Generic Plant Library'... the only way to show the plants that have disappeared seems to insert each symbol again, and edit them, and they ll will show up again, I can't find explanations to this. If anybody can help .. thx
  2. Hi, I have the same problem as "dhare", cannot use renderworks and a message display "one or more opertations were aborted due to lack of memory." I have no other application runnning, but my file got pretty big I think 110Mo, is that the reason why ? does anybody knows how to tackle this problem ? I d like to render my good work... Also if anyone could remind me the general rules and mistake to avoid ending up with a too large file that s slow to work with... thanks a million for your help.
  3. I am in the same situation as JOZ above, I am experiencing exactly the same problem, small office, we purchased Vectorworks 12 only few months ago and we don't intend to upgrade Vectorworks before another few months. It put us in very annoying situation as we all enjoy the benefits of OS Leopard. I am not interested (and don't have time) in joining useless debate with some very antipathetic person who writes on this forum (hello petri..) But I wish there would be Nemetschek people telling us in this thread that some efforts are done to fix the bugs and release and update. Thank you.
  4. I am not sure I understand you Islandmon, Can you answer this, Using your technique, you would have probably generated 10 parts (in 10 different paths) of rain pipe, creating 10 different symbol. Then what if you decide to change the profile of the rainpipe from 120 mm diameter to 100mm diameter (for a round gutter). You need to edit every symbol.....profile....etc
  5. I need a little help on this, I am drawing some gutters using "extrude along a path' tool, I have some gables to my building, then I need to extrude the same profile of gutter to many paths (it's not one continuous path around my building like a facia), Can we extrude one profile on many paths in one go, using symbols or anything... I d like to keep the freedom to modifiy my gutter profile after for all the paths in one go (like for any symbols) What I found so far on the forum is what explain Islandmon here, but it results in creating different symbol and different profile for every path. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Board=3&Number=83217&Searchpage=1&Main=18294&Words=path+&topic=0&Search=true#Post83217 any help would be appreciate, cheers !
  6. Thanks very much for your time someonenamedlink, I have no time now, I will check on my side your analysis and when I get a chance I ll get back to you. Cheers !
  7. So These definition are wrong, who knows the real definition of these codes ?? I tried the formula volume/wallthickness doesn't work.... the volume function returns me 0.00 for some wall (I think those one that have no opening..) A real waste of time, I stopped digging...
  8. Hi, It's a problem I have noticed for a while now, the custom selection tool is essential but it doesn't work properly for me. Example : All my windows are PIO objects and not symbols, If I want to select all the windows of my model (just groundfloor), I : -select the custom selection tool -Layer=Groundfloor -choose Type=window -valid Then I expect from this operation to have all the windows selected, but only one window per wall is selected :mad: Now I suppose this issue is correlated to the fact that I built PIO "window in wall" and not symbol, but otherwise they wouldn't be "window" type so I wouldn't feature the custom selection the same way... So How can I select all my PIO windows, even If I have more than one PIO window in a wall ?? Thanks very much for your help, Olly
  9. Hi, I start on this thread because the main "worksheet" thread turned out as a private discussion...eh eh I am trying to use more and more worksheets, went ok with window/door schedule, using database headers and so on.. Then I intended to use some quantity report for roof and wall. However I can't understand what is calculated by the "WallArea_Gross", "WallArea_Net"... Example: I have a wall of 7.9m x 2.65m with two french door of 1.8m x 2.1 m Area gross=7.9x2.65=20.935 sqm but VW value =23.427 sqm ??? Area Net=20.935 -(2x1.8x2.1) = 13.375 but VW value =18.095 sqm ??? I tried to work it out but it's just doesn't make sense to me, Am I wasting my time using this worksheet, I need to order some building material shortly... Thanks for your reply.
  10. I have no problem doing that Katie, but it doesn't record what I entered. After typing the information, I valid, then quit settings. If I reopen the settings it display again the default value I don't want to have.
  11. Hi, I am using the VA schedule to generate a door schedule, I have filled the information I want to display in the data field of each door, but I have some issues with the "rough/masonry opening" values, I would like to set myself independently from the other door parameters, is it possible ? Thanks. Olly
  12. The same problem mentionned above occured to me yesterday and today again, I am really upset...I can't open the file, I have the same error message sayin that's an unrecognized file. And this file weights 0KB for no reason. Did you find any reason for this bug ? How can I recover this file ? Would the fact that I insert some symbol in my model that were created on older version of VW can be a reason ? I use mac osx 10.4.9 and VW 12.5.1 Thank you for your help.
  13. Thanks for your answer guys, I understand that the lower wall as to go all the height of the window/door, and I set the upper wall to complete the face of the building. Robert method works I am sure but involves lot more work, it results in reshaping the wall and not taking advantage of the smart wall tool. Does anybody can tell me how to set the mutins in a door transom better than imperial/cottage style... (that was my second issue, cf. 3 rd picture, first message above.) Thanks
  14. Hello, I have few issues with VW 12.5 : -maybe the method I use to design my model is responsible for these troubles, don't hesitate to let me know if that is the case. 1-How to design a large height window/door when it takes over the second storey wall and slab for a hall or an atrium. What I have so far is here : I did an opening in the ceiling and in the wall, (because the window doesn't insert automatically in the first floor wall)..but remains the textured faces of the openings, how can I get rid of them.... same thing here for an entrance door opening on a wall, here : Are you guys extruding your wall all the height of the building so there's no hassle ? I just wanted to build my model as close to the reality as possible....like first floor wall sitting on the ceiling. 2-Now other issue, how do I set the the muntins distance for my door transom, is it the setting is just the style thing and that's it ? I would like to set the transom in three panes with some mullions in the alignement of the door jambs. how ? There are plenty of these doors around here.... Thanks very much.
  15. I have just switched to the architectural version, and try for the first time to set up my model. I just don't know how to proceed if I want a slab of 250 mm the wall sitting on it and a floor of 125) in every room. Should I use the AEC/Floor for the slab in the slab layer and create an another floor in the mod-floor layer. I want every furniture to sit on the floor then, not the slab.....
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