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  1. I am trying to make a template sheet of all the accessibility details used in an Architectural drawing set. Can anyone help me to locate these details or a place to get these details to insert in my drawings? Any help would be appreciated. Curtuckman
  2. Can anyone reccomend any sites where I can go and get free symbol libraries for Architectural drawings? I work off a PC with vectorworks 12.5. Thanks
  3. We have purchased the "Step by Step with VectorWorks Architect, A Practical Approach to Project Workflow" manual. I am following the tutorial and I have gotton to the point where I need to create wall styles. There is a step to set the texture tab and I do not have this tab. Can anyone tell me why? I am using VectorWorks 12.5.1 Thanks, Curtuckman
  4. Thanks for the help, I accomplished what I needed. Now I need to play with it to be able to get better. Thanks again, Curtuckman
  5. I need to draw a site plan and I have no idea how to draw using coordinates. Can anyone help me or direct me to a tutorial or something to help? Thanks, Curtuckman
  6. what is tot? My VW automatically uses the acrobat when exporting a PDF from VW. Is there a setting to keep this from happening?
  7. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  8. Iam using a HP xw4300 workstation with windows XP, VW 12.5 and Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional
  9. I am using VW 12.5 and Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional.
  10. I am trying to export my drawing sheets to pdf's for plotting and one sheet out of 25 will not export to a pdf. The error comes up that it "cannot extract the embedded font 'technicalplain'." I try to searh for the font and I cannot find it to remove it. Can anyone help with this problem?
  11. I contacted my associate and as far as he knows the dwg is version AUTOCAD 2004. I am using VW 12.5. My associate said that they place all scale specific items such as text, dim etc. on XREFs. Does this help you with a solution?
  12. I have been trying to import dwg files in VW 12.5 and the text is not coming over and the dimensions when they do come over are larger than the drawing itself. can anyone help me with my problem. Thanks
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