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  1. Yes...duh. DOUBLE duh. I just returned from adding all the new serial #'s. Please excuse my extreme ignorance.
  2. Greetings! I am installing the Windows-based version of Vectorworks 8.5 in a classroom situation and have run into a small problem. At the beginning of our term, we did not yet have all of our licensing/serial number information available. I needed to get the lab up and running, so I installed VW and put in the one serial number that we had available. This one serial number was reflected on all stations in the lab, as we run disk imaging software to clone our systems. Now we DO have all of the serial numbers that we need, but I am troubled as to how to add those serial numbers into VW. There are no files or registry entries to edit that I can see, yet uninstalling and re-installing VW picks up the previous serial number, without giving me the option to input any more. Hopefully there is a quick and fairly easy way to update the serial number/license information that doesn't involve me wiping my systems and re-installing with a new cloned image. Thank you for your time! -Preston W. Toliver Inst. Supp. Tech III Portland Community College [This message has been edited by ptoliver (edited 01-19-2001).]
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