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  1. Paul I'm sorry if I sounded disingenuous .... keep up the good work !!! cheers Klaus
  2. Hi Kevin here is what Paul Pharr of NNA posted in responce to the topic I started earlier (look back 4 or 5 pages), not very helpfull as I only have OS10.3 installer disks and the drawings I get sent do not lend themself to switching classes on and off in the way he suggests:- "I'll give you an update on what we have found regarding this problem. Klaus was experiencing some extreme slowdowns on MacOS X in selecting and deselecting objects. He recalled that the same files on MacOS 9 were much more responsive. There were a combination of issues at play in his case. First, his drawings contained many objects (over 100,000) at the top level of the layer he was working with. Grouping these objects or creating a symbol out of some eliminated the selection delay on the main layer. Nevertheless a selection slowdown remains. Our QA staff investigated and found that the slowdown was introduced primarily by the MacOS X 10.3 upgrade after which a selection operation which would take seconds on 10.2.8 became a 10+ minute operation. We have reason to believe this has been fixed for MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger), but we will be following up with Apple to make sure. If you are experiencing unacceptable slowdowns when selecting or deselecting objects on MacOS X 10.3.x, your options include: Structure your drawing more effectively using groups and symbols to reduce the number of objects which must be selected or deselected at a time. Revert to MacOS X 10.2.8 Wait for MacOS X 10.4 Thanks! -------------------- Paul C. Pharr CAD Software Manager Nemetschek North America"
  3. the speed problems with VW on Mac are very evident using VW 10.5.1 in OS 9.2.2 compared with OS 10.3.5 I was just told by NNA that OS 10.4 "might" sort the huge problems, not "will"..... hey they should know if Apple send them a beta version .... just like they should have know there was such a big problem when they got the beta version of OS 10.3 the speed problem is only with VW most other applications work fine I have used VW on PC and Mac and always found the PC much quicker and less liable to crash with the work I do, especially exporting to Artlantis
  4. I think the only comments that VW engineers can make at the moment is "don't buy VW if you have a Mac"
  5. Hi Katie I sent you the file last week ..... I presume by your lack of responce that you could not find a solution .... or are you still waiting for the drawing to import ? !!!
  6. Hi Katie As a check I left the drawing overnight to fully import and then opend the VW 8 drawing in VW 10 and they were exactly the same !!! ... so your guess at there being other objects or hatches does not stack up ..... I just think VW 10 is about 270 times slower than VW 8 at importing DXF The file was a 3D model built in 3DS Max and exported as a DXF .... is there a faster way to import 3DS Max models into VW 10 without having to resort to VW 8
  7. I have just been waiting all morning (4.5 hours) for a dxf to import into VW10 on a Mac running OS10, and it still is only half way through (662335 objects in total) ..... I got so sick of waiting I thought I would try it with VW 8.5.2 on OS 9.2.2 and it imported perfect in less than 2 mins Am I doing something very wrong cheers Klaus
  8. Hi Colin I use VW 10.5.1 with ArtLantis 4.5 and have few problems make sure you have the 'class' radio button selected in Artlantis preferences in VW (if you are exporting by class), also make sure all your 3D objects have a 'fill' so that they are solid ...... it is also important that any polygons etc you extrude to make 3D objects are 'closed' (check in the obj info palett)
  9. yes all you need to do is hit 2 (must be on the numeric keypad though) and its front view ..... 4 & 6 for left and right ..... 8 for rear ..... and 7, 9, 1 and 3 for Isometric views
  10. where do we get 'jaws PDF Creator"
  11. All I get when I hold the controll key down while scrolling the mouse is a small dialogue box with paste, select all, document preffs and pallets in it ..... the space bar works but not the zoom in and out .... am I missing something
  12. All this makes me realise that Apple Macs are now a complete and utter waste of time and money .... VW, Artlantis and Photoshop are so much quicker on PC's and seem to be far more stable .... even three year old PC's I use in some clients offices make mincemeat out of new Mac's .... guess what I'm buying soon
  13. I am using VW 10.5.1 and the problems realy start when there are more than 15000 objects .... when I select all I get the spinning colour wheel for a while but when I have 100000 object I can be waiting for over 10 mins .... and deselecting takes just as long also redraws take ages on files with lots of objects, and there is no way of stopping a redraw as in VW8 by pressing command + . another thing that annoys me is the class tab on the oject info pallet is very slow compared with OS9 .... for example if I have lots of classes and I need to change the class of an object, if its at the bottom of the list it takes ages to scroll to there .... not good for productivity
  14. VW is almost impossible to use in Mac OS 10.3 when files get anything like large. It beats me why the guys at Nemetschek did not spot this when testing the beta version of OS 10.3 from Apple ! It would be useful for Nemetschek to inform anyone buying VW or upgrading Mac hardware that VW does not work in OS 10.3 I have had to go back to using an old iMac with OS 9.2.2 while my new Mac with OS 10.3.5 (only delivered with OS10.3) sits idle .... what a waste of money lets hope that Nemetschek get Apple to fix the problem for the release of OS 10.4 (at least 8 months away)
  15. Hi how do I revert to 10.2.8 ? when I only have 10.3 system disks or where do I find information about reverting ? and what are the knock implications of revering on other applications system settings etc etc? when is 10.4 available .... next week ? cos I've got work to do cheers Klaus [ 08-05-2004, 06:48 AM: Message edited by: klaus ]
  16. Hi Paul still waiting for a reply from my second email the problem is still here !!!!! chop, chop
  17. Hi Paul I have sent you an email ... thanks for your concern cheers Klaus
  18. klaus


    Hi Katie thanks for that ... the thing with the x key only seems to work in VW 8.5.1 ..... I just tried it in VW 8.5.2 and it does not work I used to use 8.5.1 a lot more than 8.5.2 because it didn't mess up text in pdf documents but now it seems it also does not use x to return to the previous tool have a go in 8.5.1 ..... draw a line, press x, move the line, press x again and it goes back to the line tool (or any tool you were using for that matter) .... I used to use the feature a lot where I needed to rotate lots of drawing elements or select things fo clipping etc nice feature, why not put it in the next update
  19. Hi Katie I just ran disc utility again I am running no other programmes in the background except 'Finder" the file size is 29.6Mb I have 768Mb ram on a 1.25GHz iMac I know its the OS that is causing the poor performance of VW, I told you that ! ..... what I need to know is why is VW running painfully slow on the newest OS AND how do I stop a redraw !!!!!!!
  20. Hi Is there any way I can toggle in VW 10 between the offset modes in the double line polygon tool using the command key (apple key) as could be done in VW 8 this is very usefull if you haven't set the correct offset mode when you start drawing a double line poly Also when I am using a tool in VW 10 and press the x key as a shortcut to the 2D selection tool, when I press x again after using the selection tool it no longer returns to the previous tool as it did ion VW 8 again very usefull for lazy me can someone let me know how to get these features to work in VW 10
  21. Hi Katie I am running OS 10.3.4 I have verified and repaired permissions .... It still runs almost unbeleavably slow, like using Minicad on an old 7100 where you sit and wait 10 mins just to select all !! why is VW 10.5.1 on OS 9.2.2 so much faster than OS 10.3.4 ?
  22. I am having real trouble with speed with VW in OS10 (both VW and OS are the latest versions) Once a file gets big (both 3D and 2D) with many objects it seems to take ages to select and deselect all (and redraws take for ever, and I can't use 'controll .' to stop a redraw) on a Mac running OS10, a file running VW on Mac OS 9.2.2 is faster than I can click my mouse but in OS X it takes 15 mins just to deselect all ..... what is the problem ? I have had to go back to using an older Mac with OS 9 just to get some work done has anyone got a solution to the problem ?
  23. Holding down the space bar to pan across the drawing is simply superb .... its just like another favorite application of mine, Photoshop ... good work chaps
  24. VectorWorks uses QuickTime to perform a number of operations within the program. You must have QuickTime installed to be able to utilize these functions. QuickTime 4.x allowed QuickTime 3D to be installed automatically. The latest version of QuickTime, QuickTime 5.0 does not include QuickTime 3D in the typical installation. If you go to Export Image and do not see any image options, or no export image dialog box appears, you may have QT 5 installed without the requiried QD3D component. To fix this problem, simply reinstall QuickTime 5. You can download it from the QuickTime web site. When you start the installation, be sure to select a Custom installation rather than the default Typical installation. Make sure you select the QuickTime 3d component along with all the components already selected. The best way to ensure you have the corrent components installed is to select everything and install everything.
  25. Hi Eric I agree with David ... your best option is to use Art-lantis because it very easy to use and with the Art-lantis plug-in for VW, updates are a breeze, also animations are easy to create ... just follow the tutorials .... I learned it in less than a day !!! I always make an uncompressed QuickTime animation file and then edit it in Adobe Premiere 6, titles, fades, music etc(and export it uncompressed again)then get a realy good clean compression using Cleaner 5. From Cleaner you can also export many different file formats QuickTime, AVI, MPEG, Real etc etc Klaus
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