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  1. I'm still working on VectorWorks 11 and am going to buy a new PC. I was wondering if i should maintain working with Windows XP or upgrade to Vista. Could anybody tell me if Vectorworks 11 will run on Vista and if it does will it be better than running it on Window XP?


  2. I have created an animation to show clients the general idea of the model of the house and i was wondering if there is anyway to update the video once i've saved it and done changes to the house or is it easier to create a new animation?

    I'm working on VectorWorks 11.

  3. I was wondering if VectorWorks offers the function of ready made tables, like inserting a door all you need to do is edit the number of rows and columns.

  4. I keep getting an error message Could not compute roof, house drawing too complex to compute roof. All I'm trying to do on the roof is change part of the roof to a gable end with a 100mm overhang. I can have one or the other it won't allow both options.

  5. Yes I am on PC, sorry I should have specified that. The error message says, One or more viewports could not be rendered. One or more operations was aborted due to lack of memory.

  6. The file that I'm working on is 4.5MB. I'm working on a Pentium 4, 2.8GHz, 1GB RAM, with FX 5200. The viewport DPI was set on 750 with the 3D resolution on low.

  7. By selecting "wire frame" and then re-selecting Open GL doesn't clear the buffer I have to restart my computer. I have changed the settings to medium and will see if that helps.

    Thank you

  8. I'm having problems updating viewports. When updating viewports rendered with Open GL, after the viewports have been rendered once or twice before they will no longer render due to what i'm told by VW is "lack of memory" but I can still update a viewport rendered with hidden line on the same drawing after VW has told me the viewport rendered with Open GL can't be updated. This becomes vey frustrating please any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

  9. I was setting up a sheet layer and organising the viewports and while doing this one of the viewports deleted itself. It continued to randomly pick a viewport and delete it.

  10. When rendering an image with unshaded polygon option in a viewport some of the wall lines and roof lines from the opposite side of the view show through. Like showing a view of the front of the house walls from the back view of the house will show through.Why is this? Do you need to have Renderworks for the drawings to render properly?

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