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  1. Hey all,

    I am creating my own personal batch of symbols. I tried to make a hybrid by creating my 2d version to my liking. After doing that I opened the standard vectorworks symbol for that light and went to edit 3d components. I selected all, copy. Went back to my light edited 3d components and when I pasted it looked okay.

    Now the problem...

    When I went and dropped in my first light it looked fine because it was just straight foreward. I rotated another instance and it rotated in some sort of perspective view that streatched the light in a odd sort of way. This happened any time I tried after that. Next thing was I went to my right iso view and I didn't even see the hybrid 3d portion. I just say the same thing as in plan.

    I am sure this is an easy problem to solve, but I would like some help.

  2. May be an easy question, but cannot figure it out. I am importing all my lighting info back into vectorworks from lightwright. Unfortunatly when I do this none of it imports correctly. In that everything imports, but it is all an orphan in a box blocked together in a square. This wouldn't be a huge problem if the light were at least where they should be on the plot. Any help? I am using LW3 which could be one of the problems.



  3. I am new to rendering and I am attempting to use it in theatrical purposes. I am attempting to render a front view and when I do I am not getting what I want. I want a view not from the distant back, but a way to control where the view is from preferably in the audience and as a whole the light just doesn't look right, any obvious suggestions?

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