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  1. Hello,

    I am fine dimensioning in my design layer. I have started drawing in 3d and now my new thing is to put all my dimensions in the annotation section of my viewport. The problem is that they are not associative. I want to be able to adjust something and not have to go back to my viewport and adjust the dimensions. Any help?

  2. Sorry I explained it more clearly in the first post. It was simple. In the vectorworks help menu it goes into how to perform a loft and before doing it on my specific use I tried to use it in the scenario in the help menu. One where there are three planes at different elevations that are all different sizes and lofting them together. I create three planes and then when I select the loft tool it will not let me select the planes as described in the help menu. Am I not creating the proper type of plane?

    Please help.

  3. Cool, so the fillet tool in the 3d modeling worked. Now my question is still on how to use the 3d powerpack fillet? I created a nurbs surface and still nothing. Also the loft. Any help on that? I have some time and am trying to learn to use these tools, but the help menu in vectorworks isn't too helpful.

    I am currently running spotlight and have only run spotlight on this machine. It is 12.5. I have not messed with plugins

    WinXP SP2

  4. Does anyone have any insight into how to edit the position summary? I turn on position summary and sum instruments and my text may be outside of my box. Well suppose I wanted to change the size of the box, or possibly get rid of the box all together any way to do that?


  5. So I am trying to do some 3d modeling for a project I am working on. I am trying to just use the loft and fillet tools and whatever I draw wont allow that? Can someone give me a real quick breakdown or example of how to use those. The vectorworks help section on this wasn't much help because I just guess mine wasn't working like theirs...



  6. Hey Katie I appreciate it.

    I solved both problems on my own. The one was like you said and when I looked in other views it was corrected. The other was a new monitor and a while of being driven nuts by it.

    Thanks for the help

  7. Hey just throwing this out, not as a question, but more to see if anyone else would like to see this. I want to see a free rotation tool. Any chance that may be in the works. I am not fond of this rotating by entering the angel after you have placed a symbol.

  8. Hey all,

    I am creating my own personal batch of symbols. I tried to make a hybrid by creating my 2d version to my liking. After doing that I opened the standard vectorworks symbol for that light and went to edit 3d components. I selected all, copy. Went back to my light edited 3d components and when I pasted it looked okay.

    Now the problem...

    When I went and dropped in my first light it looked fine because it was just straight foreward. I rotated another instance and it rotated in some sort of perspective view that streatched the light in a odd sort of way. This happened any time I tried after that. Next thing was I went to my right iso view and I didn't even see the hybrid 3d portion. I just say the same thing as in plan.

    I am sure this is an easy problem to solve, but I would like some help.

  9. May be an easy question, but cannot figure it out. I am importing all my lighting info back into vectorworks from lightwright. Unfortunatly when I do this none of it imports correctly. In that everything imports, but it is all an orphan in a box blocked together in a square. This wouldn't be a huge problem if the light were at least where they should be on the plot. Any help? I am using LW3 which could be one of the problems.



  10. I am new to rendering and I am attempting to use it in theatrical purposes. I am attempting to render a front view and when I do I am not getting what I want. I want a view not from the distant back, but a way to control where the view is from preferably in the audience and as a whole the light just doesn't look right, any obvious suggestions?

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