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  1. I use it mainly for quick rotating for checking model levels against site dtm's etc. VP's are stationary, although you can change the orientation of the VP it's not what I use it for.
  2. 1. I am generating a layer link of a simple building with a simple gable roof. 2. I create a new layer and create a layer link on that layer and switch off the visibility of the original layer. 3. I unlock the layer link and group them together as one object and rotate the grouped object to suit my needs, problem is that the gable end walls the roof creates do not rotate with the rest of the object that is grouped. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Count me in on the interested list for a Truss plugin or parametric object...it would be very useful. I'd pay a modest fee if required.
  4. I updated Quicktime to 7.6.4 and I started having weird things happen to other software I use, generally just video display issues. Rolled back to the previous version of quicktime and no problems occurred.
  5. I still add my on handrails or guard rails. A little more time involved but I get the result that 'I' want.
  6. Adding to Brudgers note...I have found having the roof on the same layer as the walls creates issues when fitting walls to roof. I create a roof on the wall layer but move it to a new layer prior to fitting walls to roof and never seem to have a problem.
  7. Is there a pdf file available of all the VS Functions and commands listed apart from in the VW Help? Thanx.
  8. Pat, The purpose/scope for the script is to be able to create an elevation of a wall with any intersecting wall or shelving lines showing on the created elevations. I have created a simple script to create an elevation of the selected wall using DoMenuTextByName. Intersecting wall lines are created using symbols embed into walls and these symbols have preassigned classes which create preassigned classes of intersecting lines on the elevations also. What I am having trouble with is extending the length of the wall. 'T' joined walls. The intersecting wall is required to be 5mm longer. The intersecting wall requires a rebate of 5mm. 'Angled' joined walls i.e. 22.5, 30 and 45dg. The angle of intersection works fine when creating the elevation of the wall. 'L' joined walls. This is fine also. The process I foresee would be something like this... 1>Select the tool to create a wall elevation 2>1st dialog appears requesting 'Does the wall need extending (Y/N)'. If 'Y' move to 3, If 'N' move to 4. 3>a segment position box appears with a entry cell requiring the additional dimension to be added. A wall has 3 segment positions as on the OIP, typically 1 of the 2 end points would be selected. 4>OK to dialog entry 5>2nd dialog appears requesting from which side do you want the elevation to be viewed from? i.e. Front, Back, Left, Right? 2 radio buttons can be selected i.e. Front and Back, when both faces of the wall have intersecting walls, this means elevations are created from the desired views. 6>OK to dialog entry 7>the elevation of the wall selected is created and placed on a new DesignLayer. Actually when thinking about it more, the desired outcome is very similar to the Wall Framer tool, but I am only dealing with the outline of the elevation of the wall and any intersecting wall positions, not the framing within the outline of the elevation. However I still would require an elevation of both faces of the wall if it has intersecting walls on either side. I hope this enlightens you further to what I am wanting to achieve.
  9. I am looking for a script that would lengthen a wall a present length e.g. 5mm to either the left or the right. Can anyone help? I realize it can be done in the PIO, but I am wanting to be able to select a wall, select the script, select L or R and then it add a preset dimension to the wall length, as this is a repetitive routine. Can anyone help me?
  10. Doing work around already but thanks for the advise anyways. Work around used is extrude along path and capped ends. Thanks.
  11. Test file attached. Added. Yes, using >AEC>'Create roof...' tool. It's what I consider a simple roof shape. The soffit seems to display fine until the last hip is altered to a gable. I have checked the polygon making sure it is closed prior to the using the AEC>Create roof tool. I have altered the direction of altering the hips to gables as well to see if that does anything, but no change.
  12. What am I doing wrong? 'Insert Soffit' does not seem to display properly. See image. Anyone else with the same?
  13. Well VW2009 SP3 is here...congrats Nemet and crew. It's been well worth the wait (so far) and you have the list of fixes available too. All the of the bugs I have had so much frustration working with and around have now gone. Even the Snap Loupe works over BMP's, JPG's and PDF's. Yet to really test SP3, so am trialing an old and new file this coming w/e. I will withhold my excitement and other comments until my trialing is over. (Tip) Load VW2009 again into a new folder in "program files" then do the SP3 update to that install, so as not to affect either SP1 or SP2 installs. As there is no rewind or uninstaller for service packs (as I understand). This then eliminates frustration if the SP3 update does effect your previous installs of VW2009.
  14. Yes. Line thickness is zero with no color. Yet it prints only using the export pdf from VW.
  15. Nope...I mean viewports and their crop lines. Crop line atributes are 'none' and 'none' so should not print.
  16. Anyone have this issue when exporting pdf's from VW's 2009? When exporting to PDF some VP boarders print with a heavy line. They do not appear when viewing in Acrobat but they do print. Used WinPDF and Adobe PDF writer with no VP boarder lines printing, but this is a hassle as they do not create a book when printing. Anyone help?
  17. I'd suggest to find the default keyboard shortcuts list (online help I believe) for VW2008. My guess you'd only be using 50% of what's available. Check this post it's a VWX shortcut drawing and might help... http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showthreaded&Number=112358
  18. Looks like this..pretty simple 2d object.
  19. I would like to alter each individual symbols length, so I presume a plug-in object is best for this. There would be text attached to the symbol also. I would like to enter the text for each symbol individually also. e.g. a braced wall element requires... length '1200' with a 15 character text explaining what the element is...'A1/TFT/2.4' I know there are a few brace object tools available with built in databases etc, but none are customizable.
  20. I am wanting a simple script that I can alter the line length of a symbol via the OIP. Thanks
  21. I refer you to... http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=24570&Number=116059#Post116059
  22. Apologies to bother those interested but, I do not seem to be getting anywhere with my bug submission with Nemet regarding the Viewport Backgrounds. All responses from 'support' has ceased not even an update of what's happening. It's seemed rather coincidental to have on three computers with differing hardware and OS's the same problem. So I don't think it's my computer. In the mean time while waiting for a response from Nemet, I have discovered what the problem is and it's SP2 for VW09. Without SP2 the problem does not exist. As soon as I loaded SP2 the problem appeared. Anyone else with this issue?
  23. How about adjusting the page orientation, rather than rotating all the layers and VP's. This way if you have any aligned VP's or layers you are not going to disrupt the alignment.
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