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  1. Sorry, the Publish commend in VW will combine multiple sheets into one PDF
  2. Peter, have you tried your hand at Automator ? I assume a 'workflow' or 'action' can be written to convert PDFs to greyscale in Preview and then save as a new file name. The Publish command will combine multiple sheets into one PDF. I use "Hazel", an application that does great things with folder actions but have not configured it work on this 'workflow' and Preview. I can get any file dropped in a predetermined folder to duplicate and open in Preview, but my abilities stop there.
  3. Thank you both- Peter: I am using the Publish feature for the first times because there are many sheets and the typical workaround will take time. I use color for client review/schematics and am hoping to quickly convert the schematics to something for pricing then construction. Benson: Thank you for the recommendations. We usually save as a jpeg instead of PNG. We will try PNG. Have you written an Automator 'Action' to batch convert in Preview ? I am interested in having a workflow that activates and converts the color to greyscale, saves as a PDF, and renames the file. I know this sounds ambitious-
  4. Peter- for reference, I have included the original color sheet
  5. here is the results with 'almost' greyscale from Preview: Thank you, Peter, for the interest
  6. @ Cipesdesign: for whatever reason, Preview does not fully process large greyscale requests. I have a large landscape sheet using multiple landscape areas in gradients with opacity and even with multiple requests, Preview does not 'grey' all of the sheet. Of course the Publish tool looks so promising and it is already in Vectorworks and I get to keep the drawing collection as a 'saved' workflow in Vectorworks- so close and yet so far...... Pixelmator works great for greyscale conversion but a single sheet at a time. I have a 15 sheet set and do not look forward to processing each sheet. I considered trying my hand at an Automator workflow or folder action but I am not capable of achieving it. Thank you both for your efforts, I appreciate your help Happy New Year
  7. The Publish command is great, except the black and white option is not enough to handle patterns and nuances of grey-tones when converting color drawings. A greyscale option in Publish to PDF that maintains opacity settings would be greatly appreciated. I do most work in color and would like the option to Publish in greyscale. Contractors receive drawings via email or the cloud and send drawings out for printing (pricing and construction) and need the greyscale for clarity.
  8. I should clarify the post- the adjustments mentioned above are in class attributes- Sorry for the too quick posting above
  9. Landscape area lines (type, cold, style) can be adjusted in a viewport. Fills can only adjust when solid (gradients, patterns, tiles) cannot be adjusted in a viewport. Would like to adjust landscape area fills (all types) in viewports Thank you
  10. I am checking back in regarding the unit conversion issue. My files still adjust back to .001 precision when set to 1 thank you
  11. When placing a symbol as a group (from the workgroup folder) places the group with strange coordinates that are not visible screenshot included of the object info palette Any recommendation ?
  12. thank you Jim a work-around could be to adjust the units before printing I appreciate your efforts in a resolution, the 3 place decimals look odd for a planting callout - as if anyone in the landscape field uses 3 decimal places for anything
  13. Using VW 2015 Landmark, selecting a document unit for square feet of 1 sf instead of the default .001 sf, the setting reverts to back to ,001 sf. I use the 1 sf setting when using the landscape area tool to display the area of a landscape area in the callout. The setting of 1 sf for area does not remain but the default reverts to .001 every time. Is there a file setup issue and the area setting be set before a new file is saved ??
  14. Tamsin- Thank you very much for the info I appreciate your time and expertise with the topic I will search out the service select tutorial
  15. Can you refer me to a tutorial or recommend a solution for referencing plant symbols and detail symbols from my dropbox account? I would like to be able to have a VW file that automatically updates as a source file when I revise or add a plant symbol or construction detail. Am I using the resource browser incorrectly? I usually import the plant symbol folder and detail folders into a new file and then use them in the new file, thus when I revise the symbol or add to the folder there is not an automatic way to have the original VW file updated. I also have a VW Cloud account and would be happy to store the reference symbol files there if dropbox cannot 'sync' Hopefully there are settings for a new file with the appropriate references- Thank you in advance-
  16. today VW did not save any work even using the auto save feature
  17. I would check the create report tool. There may be a record that already exists that could be added to a report that reflects the plant spacing in the plant description or in the spacing used in placing plants in a landscape area. I agree that the labels and terms used in VW are not my first choice and you have to become accustomed to the VW descriptions. Good Luck
  18. I found the length of the spacing occurs with long distances (several feet). The notes appear when you adjust the text spacing and lengths in the object info palette- I hope this helps
  19. Thank you Bryan for your help I started from scratch and added the database for the tree inventory I was working on. By starting over, the keynotes worked and all is fine. Thank you again FYI, I sent the file to tech support and they notified me they were working on the file but then never replied, one way or the other-
  20. The file I am working on has 37 entries that are used on 2 layer sheets. The keynote numbers are in the annotation (one sheet is 50 scale, on sheet is 100 scale), the legend is on the 1:1 scale of each layer sheet. Thank you for your help- 22" Imac 3.06 GHz Intel Core duo, 4 GB RAM, OSX 10.6.6, VW 2011 SP2
  21. I have only partial legend showing with a keynote system- 10 items are shown from a 37 item database
  22. I was able to plot after using the preset drawing sizes (arch D) in page setup. The sheet is 37 3/8" long due to a hard margin HP adds to the sheet. My earlier solution was a cutom sheet size that is not a valid solution using panther.


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