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  1. I am trying to add a worksheet with hatches in the images column so I can ad a description of it in the following cells.

    I placed the worksheet on the design layer and I am using hardscapes with hatches as the fill.

    The worksheet does not scale the hatch correctly and seems to show it at 1:1 scale in the worksheet cell instead of showing it at the layer scale.

    Any help is appreciated 

    Screenshot 2018-06-15 12.23.32.png

  2. We use the category fill in on the plant definition to label, tree, shrub, etc and then sort the database for separation of plant types

    We use plant definition Comment 1, 2, 3 for CA Native, Evergreen, WELO rating and add them to the plant list columns


    We would love to read other workflows

  3. I would guess the issue for 0 plants is right click the line in the worksheet and select 'show item'.

    The drawing should select the item, highlight it, and the Object Info will tell you if the area is too small for plants.


    While drafting or editing plant areas, small remnants are created.


    You may have to use the 'select item' multiple times until all the small areas are removed from the drawing.


    Someone may have a workflow that simplifies this 

  4. So Jim W, VW Guru replied (below) that increase of VRAM is key to faster rendering

    Regular RAM is important but maxes out at 32GB

    Zoomer has the correct review of 


    It appears you can add an 8GB Vegas graphic card as an external component at $800 US, but I have not seen a 16GB card as mentioned below except as an upgrade to the new iMac Pro but the cost of $5,600 US-

    BTW the base iMac Pro has a 8GB Vegas graphic card at $5,000 US


    Good Luck


    The following thread was from Mac Recommendations thread in the General Discussion area:

    Jim W replies that's the way i'd go


    So if given a choice between 64GB of RAM and an 8GB graphics card, or 32GB of RAM and a 16GB graphics card, sounds like the 16GB graphics card might be the way to go

    That's the way I'd go!


  5. Thank you, CipesDesign, I appreciate the quick response

    I am able to add a hatch or tile to a hardscape, but the hatch or tile does not appear when viewing a 3D view.

    I then added a polygon with the hatch or tile on top of the hardscape and it appears when in 3D views, shadows on these polygons show inconsistently.

  6. Happy Holidays to All

    I am hoping to add joint patterns to hardscape in 3D views.

    Hatches do not work and I am not happy with the results converting hatches to textures.

    What is the best way to add joint patterns to 3D ?

    I have searched the forum without luck- there is probably a tutorial but I cannot find it-

    Thank you

  7. You can review the class attributes of the plant symbols and adjust them as needed- use the graphics of the plants as a study and improve them as desired.  Think of them as inspiration and make them better.......

    You can add graphics to these plant symbols and tie the new graphics to classes so you can adjust the planting when in schematic, design development or permit/construction drawings- also consider the 3D graphics of each plant symbol. 


  8. I am using drawing labels in symbols, imported from a VW2017 file.  When publishing sheet layers that have viewports of the symbols, the drawing labels are resizing to an unreadable size.  After several resizing the drawing labels in the symbols and getting the same results, I fixed the issue BUT I had to ungroup the drawing label in the symbol.  I would like to have the drawing labels remain in the symbols.

    AM I using drawing labels incorrectly ?  Publishing incorrectly ?  

    Any help is appreciated


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