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  1. A few screen shots of before and after would be appreciated
  2. VW 2019 has design layer and class folders/filters that makes navigation easier Simple and efficient file management has been the holy grail and there are many in the forum who can point you in the best direction
  3. Vlado- This is a great explanation - even better than the help manual
  4. The link below shows a mac mini with 2 eGPUs on DaVinci software The software allows to activate 2 GPUs and the results are dramatic I am not sure if this will ever be a VW option
  5. you will need to find where the comment exists - on the OIP, in a data selection on the OIP, I will check it out if time allows
  6. you will need a note or comment column added to the worksheet- begin by reviewing the database options in the worksheet and add the comment, annotation, or note field to the database row and it will be added to the worksheet or it is possible to add a blank column and then add a pre-formatted comment, annotation, or note field (starting with = ) in the database row for additional info, Jonathan Pickup has free short you tube videos that show how to develop a custom worksheet with custom database functions Good Luck
  7. Hi Eric Can you place your new resource in the VW library folders ? If you use a distinctive label for the resource, then your team will know the resource is yours and can access them We also have a few resources we have developed in irrigation and your question sparked my response
  8. Benson thank you for the video, it was a terrific solution to this issue Sketchup has a similar issue i had not seen the video before and I appreciate your dedication to the forum
  9. EdwinE - It is our pleasure to meet you We use Hunter Products exclusively on irrigation and Hunter has been busy with new products (HC series controllers and flow sensors) We look forward to more irrigation product development We also use butterfly valves to isolate remote control valve manifolds Febco back flow preventers are typical Hose bibb options are important We always add fountain autofill valves and swimming pool autofill Hopefully other uses will add info they need- Please review and comment- Thank you
  10. I am waiting to upgrade to 2019 but want to know if the irrigation products/catalogs include Hunter's new controllers and flow sensor and MP spray heads and drip irrigation lines- Are there any details ? I look forward to the upgrade to stabilize the 2019 release and make it Mojave compatible I appreciate everyone working hard at Vectorworks to get the 2019 version stable and functional I am especially in awe of the many users working to get the release stable
  11. 1. in a new column place '=image' in the database row 2. size the cell for the symbol and use the symbol for display (not attributes) 3. be sure when you place the worksheet on the sheet, the classes you want for the graphics are on 4. more good advice will follow by other users 5. good luck
  12. Jonathan Pickup has a terrific series of road tool movies and how he adapts the tools to create complicated roads. I agree that the tools are good in certain applications and do not adapt well to complicated-real-life situations.
  13. go to 3D warehouse from sketchup and search also many manufacturers provide models on their web sites good luck Jonathan Pickup is the source for all things New Zealand
  14. I learned Minicad then VW using the tablet only I also used sketchup for awhile, but now 100% VW the tablet does not take long to adapt to because you do not look at the tablet for cursor movement just like a mouse I have no experience with Cintiq line and I like using the computer screen for cursor control
  15. I have been using a Wacom tablet for 20 years and I started with Minicad. I like the feel of holding a pencil and drafting It requires one handed keyboard use for right clicks, but I feel the tablet is a good input device and recommend it
  16. check: in the OIP and make sure the plants are 'on the plant list' is selected- the classes of each plant group and whether the plants are 'on' and included in the worksheet-
  17. Thank you Eric We had scaled the hatches using local mapping and this was part of the problem So... We scaled the hatches in the hatch edit dialog box and used world units and all is well-
  18. I am trying to add a worksheet with hatches in the images column so I can ad a description of it in the following cells. I placed the worksheet on the design layer and I am using hardscapes with hatches as the fill. The worksheet does not scale the hatch correctly and seems to show it at 1:1 scale in the worksheet cell instead of showing it at the layer scale. Any help is appreciated
  19. We use the category fill in on the plant definition to label, tree, shrub, etc and then sort the database for separation of plant types We use plant definition Comment 1, 2, 3 for CA Native, Evergreen, WELO rating and add them to the plant list columns We would love to read other workflows
  20. All the best with the new machine Please keep us posted on your findings
  21. Nikolay- we were able to get the issue order per the letters in ascending order Thank you
  22. I would guess the issue for 0 plants is right click the line in the worksheet and select 'show item'. The drawing should select the item, highlight it, and the Object Info will tell you if the area is too small for plants. While drafting or editing plant areas, small remnants are created. You may have to use the 'select item' multiple times until all the small areas are removed from the drawing. Someone may have a workflow that simplifies this
  23. Nikolay- I sent an email to premium tech support with a dropbox link to the file Thank you
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