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  1. The formatting flexibility with data tags is incredible and a great tool for existing tree info used in a traditional plan view It makes you think about other creative uses for the data tag Thank you J Wallace and Tony for the inspiration -
  2. one reason for the fence/railing tool is that it spaces posts evenly across a segment of fence
  3. zoomer- we would all appreciate a review of fences with offset elements a fence with continuous stringers on one side of posts- do you offset the posts as a profile or symbol or offset the stringers as a symbol or profile ? fences work for fitting them to terrain versus flat slabs
  4. 1. using color for various tools/pipes/areas is your friend- 2. create a system component that is labelled 'start point' ? then the component can be reused and it will be counted as part of your worksheet for easy checking that all drip areas have one.
  5. Thank you Bryan for sharing I like your dispatching newly developed items to a place to get access to them Are you organized enough to place new plants into the VW plant database when you create them ?
  6. Has someone a workflow for saving a new plant and having it as part of the VW plant database ? I have created several new plants and when asked about saving the plant I quickly click on save and for no good reason, I label them 'test' Now I have many text files with plant info and they are in my application support folder in my HD library labeled 'test' with a number (see screen shot) Navigating the dialog box for saving the plant is the key - I assume The help manual does not appear to guide this solution
  7. I made a wishlist request and would appreciate more input on the request for VW to consider
  8. I assume this issue has been raised before but wanted to make a fresh request Is there a way to search the wishlist for previous fence requests ? I looked and did not see a way
  9. improve the fence railing tool to add offsets for infill or posts so more traditional one sided fences and rails can be developed
  10. I am not sure this will work for this situation, but yesterday's VW webinar by Danilo Maffei showed a simple use of stakes and working over an aerial image to develop a site model. The contours developed were crude and fast and I assume using a smoothing tool and additional stakes may be a good solution to add detail - I recommend the webinar - it was terrific
  11. Could the road be: 1. a combination of T intersections and straight sections, set apart from each other by 1/2" with grades set as needed 2. drawn using the custom kerb tool I wish I had time to work on a VW file study of these ideas
  12. Julian Carr - Ozcad - check his website for plants from Australia
  13. data tags- we have started using them in lieu of callouts and linking their info to annotations and takeoffs for cost estimating data tags are powerful and should have multiple uses/features adding a database of notes could be coordinated ??
  14. until

    this question is based on watching the webinar and I am hoping to get some help thank you
  15. I watched Sarah B's VW / BIM webinar today and now this question: How to use the data visualization attributes to reflect in a worksheet image cell- The image included shows the issue-
  16. this sounds like Tony Kositsky, VW employee/landscape architect, should weigh in here
  17. Gerard- in VW preferences, select good performance and compatibility and see if that solves the issue Thank you VW Tech Support for the help with this
  18. Could you create a 3D polygon (profile) with a sloped base and horizontal top and sides and extrude it across the lower slab ? If the base changes you would adjust the profile as needed
  19. Eric has a great list You can consider an 'initial' class so you can add a letter to to the center of a plant outline and help delineate plants
  20. I played with the plant massing and am now trying to develop a workflow with them- This is a great resource and would like to hear how others are suing them in practice Thank you Tony for the recommendation Observations: The preset configuration allows for more than 100% plant coverage in a landscape area The file size gets big quickly If you ungroup the landscape area, you get the 2D graphics of each plant in the area, but the redraw tales time, and the plan results can be chaotic
  21. We did not quickly upgrade to VW 2019 because the software is too young and the timing of the MacOS update- Anyone who does is clearly taking a risk - It is totally understandable that everyone wants to newest and best thinking VW has to offer - If a significant group of faithful users do not take the bait of a shiny new VW release and wait for at least SP2 release, I would assume VW would change their ways- they will see the metrics - We are enjoying VW 2019 for 2 months now and have yet to upgrade to Mojave- We upgraded to VW2019 because of many new features - data tags are the best thing ever-
  22. Is there a way to make the massing model and then make it a symbol and when editing one they all edit ?
  23. Thank you so much for following up I am glad there appears to be a reasonable solution and terrific support through the forum Great work ! and All the best
  24. A few screen shots of before and after would be appreciated
  25. VW 2019 has design layer and class folders/filters that makes navigation easier Simple and efficient file management has been the holy grail and there are many in the forum who can point you in the best direction


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