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  1. I bet they don't allow that feature. adobe is usually very keen not to allow anyone but themselves to mess around with PDFs, part of the reason many people use pdfs is that they cannot be editied (or so they think). though i'm guessing as well
  2. thanks, that helps. though it doesn't snap to all objects, just to the page boundary oddly enough
  3. When i edit the crops on a view port in a sheet layer (say making a bunch of viewports align etc, or fitting a sheet, whenver you select 'edit crop' the sheet file, and other viewports all dissapear so I can't snap or align them, how can i place them accurately?
  4. I had this problem.. the class that the object you created the viewport from must be visible in the viewport. it doesn't seem to notice if you try and change the class of the viewport once it is created
  5. extrernal references are managed in 'workgroup references' but it sounds like that would be better managed with symbols and libraries. (shich can also be referenced from an external source. it took me a while to find this as well when i was new to VW.
  6. Having just gone to have a play with this... it's not that useful as it doesn't import as vector data, it works like importing a JPG or whatever. Better than nothing I guess. If you were looking to import vector data then pdf-illustrator-dwg-vecorworks would be a workround. I doubt there will ever be much pressure to make pdfs importable. part of their appeal is that they cannot be scaled, messed with or edited (easily)
  7. Excuse some basic viewport operation questions.. When I edit the crop of a viewport my titleblock dissapears, this makes it tricky to align etc. is this normal and can it be stopped? also how do i set viewports not to print the outline? and lastly what do people consider the best way to set up consistent viewports/sheet locations to ensure plans are always in the correct location on the page? templates / a reference file with all the viewports / some other cunning way? thanks.
  8. cheers for that. i tried taking all the plug-ins accross but it didn't take the parameters with it. never mind.
  9. so what files did you need to propegate in order to copy default tool settings? or were you not able to? i want the tools to default to the office standards for all the labels, notes etc.
  10. sorry, allow me to be dense for a little. you mean if i can't change the tool parameters globally or with copying files? they have to be done though each and every vectorworks desk.
  11. Is there a way to share tool defaults (PIO parameter settings) amongst several users? just copying the VSO file doesn't seem to work in all cases. also is there a way to centralise Standards files and custom titleblocks etc. so they can be stored once on a server then updated? this is on Mac OSx by the way
  12. great thanks for that it was the view problem. cheers.
  13. Sometimes vectorwork refuses to snap to other layers (sometimes referenced, sometimes live) even though the layers are set to 'show/snap/modify others' is there somewhere else this could be disabled?
  14. Off topic.. i should really read posts more carefully.. I thought this was a pleasant friday post about extended lunches. (0h and about 7-8 seconds on a brand new imac 2.16gz dual core and 12.5)
  15. I am having difficulty getting a few macs to all share the same defaults on PIO tools like elevation marker, drawing label etc etc. I've tried copying all the VSO files to the local Plug-ins folder, this partially works but some tools do not pick up the new defaults... is there anything I need to copy or are some of the parameters un-copyable?
  16. the drawing border tool is right but you have to click the 'fit to page' and 'centre on page' options in the object info.. it seems pretty easy though i had a nightmare getting rid of the hideously ugly default settings... some american standard i guess.
  17. I see.. I might expertiment with that later. the PIO seem not to have been picked up when I moved them across.. should I take the whole folder in case other scripts are used or should it be straight forward?
  18. Great thanks for that. I'm getting there slowly. to avoid me R-ingTFM how easy is it to set the PIOs (and indeed .sta) to be stored centrally on the server?
  19. ok I'll show my ignorance again.. PIO? I've only been using vw for a month and the company has no standards set up... we're all a bit in the dark
  20. is there a way to propegate these changes to multiple macs? is it easier just to copy the actual VSO files?
  21. Sorry, excuse my ignorance but where do i change the parameters? is it in the plug-in script editor?
  22. I want to change the default of standard plug-in tools so they match our office CAD standards (tools like drawing label, elevation benchmark). I've got as far as fining the plug-in in the vectorscript editor (is this right?) but it says the scripts are all locked. i cannot even seem to copy them and edit a different version. any advice?
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