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  1. 00_Entourage_Vehicles has 3d cars of various sorts, they appear 2d but are 3d also. Now for the flat screen, you will have to model or find on the internet in a format you can import. If you are not aware of the web site try 3dcafe website.
  2. Yes, if we get a chance we will send along the script and methodology off list for you to review.
  3. The 00_Entourage_Vehicles.mcd file should have these 3d and what appear to be 2d cars. Not sure in 11.5.2 if this file had the same name.
  4. Robert forgot to mention that you can use the Attribute Mapping tool after you create this Renderworks Texture that can then allow you to resize, rotate, and reshape the texture on your 3d polygon or nurbz surface. This object can the be rotated spatially as you need.
  5. Just read your comment and wondering if it has any meaning or relation to the original post. By the way we were able to automate this whole process for much less than the value you listed. Looks like you might have wasted your time over the last 15 years as we are only users for the last 2 years and we were able to achieve this in 2 days of effort. We have been to busy creating really useful tools to attend to any thing on this tech forum, sorry of the late reply.
  6. Here is the process we have worked out for those interested. This is the method, first 'save as' your file, then select each VP and "Convert to Group" with "Hidden Line", then finally remove all the Design Layers before the export with Fill and Hatch only on. Now you have an AutoCADD file that is flat land only and matches your sheets exactly, just wish this could be automated or some toggle during export.
  7. Have a file where the Elevations are composed of Model objects from the design in A Viewport on a Sheet Layer in combination with Annotation 2d graphic objects. These objects include Poly's with hatches etc. Now we need to export to another Architect who does all their work 2d. When we export, the whole model, as well as the Paper space for is exported. They then have to change these ACADD Viewports view mode to Hidden to generate the correct image. We are exporting with Fills and Hatch only and only exporting Visible objects to the ACADD 2005 format. The question, is there a method by which you can only export the Sheet Layer only having all the objects converted to 2d ONLY and also processing the Viewport in its Hidden Line state? This way they can work in a familiar 2d way while we continue to work with the Modeling. The only other method we can think of at the moment is to do a save as of the original file. Convert the Viewport to a group, then copy this to another files vacant design layer, then export this file. All very time consuming.
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