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  1. My other issue with this task is that when I choose the fill style as a pattern in the attributes palette, (with the rectangle representing the proscenium arch selected), the fill defaults back to no fill. So I can't seem to fill the top rectangle with a hatch from the pattern option in attributes. I have had success in changing the fill if the rectangle is the only object in view. I'd click or maybe double click the rectangle and I would get a new view with only the rectangle on a layer called "proscenium", a layer I have not made up. Once the change had been made, I can click on the layer called theatre floor plan to see the rectangle in place with the hatch pattern I chose. At this point I am back to my original problem whereby both the original and the duplicate have the same fill. Al Fitch
  2. Hello, I'm working my way through a Spotlight manual. I've had problems duplicating a rectangle representing a proscenium arch in step K of the Spotlight Tutorial (p. 3of18 back of book). The instructions indicate that I can duplicate a rectangle and change the fill on the top object while keeping the original without a fill. Whenever I change the fill in what i think is the top object, the original takes the same properties. What am I doing wrong? Does it have to do with which layer the duplicate is on? Al Fitch
  3. I haven't made much progress although I enjoy Jonathan's podcasts on subjects that I am no where ready to tackle! I want to avoid asking a lot of questions so I am hoping to find a really good book on VW related to theatre (with lots of pictures as I am a visual learner). I'm on a Macintosh Powerbook and I know that the Window's version has different menus. Any thoughts on books related to theatre work? Al Fitch
  4. Is there a way to track how many hours are spent drafting a project in VW 12.5? I have searched everything from Tracking Hours, Project Hours, Keeping track of hours, Logging Project Hours etc with no luck. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the replies. FYI I have looked at the supplied CD with Fundamentals of VW to aquaint myself with the environment. Since I have a project to work on I figured jumping in would be better then reading a whole manual. I will look into training materials soon. Al
  6. Hello. I'm a Technical Director/Lighting Designer in theatre. I am currently trying to input the stage info for the theatre I work at in VectorWorks. What is the most effective way to go from tool to tool? After I draw A line or shape and want to use another tool can I hit return or tab or something to exit or "drop the tool? I have a wall that I want to place a door in. For some reason the door is much larger on the drawing then I think it should be. When the door info box comes up I put in the door size as 44" X 68". The width of the door appears much bigger in plan view. Is there a basic step I might be omitting? My third and final question for this post is how to use the snap-to feature to have a line connect to the nearest line in the drawing as I intend it to do? When joining a line to form a corner I want the lines to be connected. From what I recall from my class in AutoCad that was possible to do. I figure VW should have similar features. I appreciate your help.
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