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  1. Sorry we aren't using the Designjet 5000 we are using the Laserjet 5000 for small papers A4, and A3. I've already installed these drivers: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/Tec...Item=lj-39729-1 But it doesn't work. I think there's a problem with the new vector works 12.5. Beacuse we changed the Ethernet Cabel, the switch, different Printer Ram and we're using different worksations and every workstation has this problem:(
  2. We have the same problem. If we print something it doesn't print. The printer displays jobworking but it didn't print. We are using the following Hardware/Software: - Vector Works 12.5 - Mac Computers with Mac OSX Tiger - HP 5000 Network Printer Is there any solution? The problem exists since we have updated to VW 12.5 with 12.0 it worked fine.
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