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  1. For starters, you need a Piii for high end rendering (renderworks and the lightworks raymaker will not work on anything else). Go for the quickest processer you can find (anything above 700mhz should be fine), and lots of RAM. A 32meg video card is also a good idea,
  2. Tim G4

    Lighting woes

    I didn't at first, but even with the cast shadows strange things happen. Do you find the tool (spot light) to be accurate?
  3. Tim G4

    Lighting woes

    Has anyone had any solid success with the spot lights? I set them up, but they never apear where I want them to be, and if they do, they shine through solid objects. They are a pain in the ass. The point lights are fine, but the spots behave strange if you ask me.
  4. Question for anyone with a g4. What do you find to be the best memory setting for rendering? I currently have 256 mb RAM, VW 8.5.2, OS 9.0.4 450 G4. It seams if I go above 110 for VW, it loses steam. Any suggestions would be great.
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