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  1. YES! It did work. Which led me to UNselect "XP Compatibility Mode" and "Run As Administrator" on my user account, and it's now seeing all my printers on my account as well. Thanks again!!
  2. Thanks Ray. This is the only issue I've run into so far. . .
  3. I'm receiving a "No Installed Printers" dialog when trying to Print or use Page Setup in VW 12.5.3 running Vista Home Premium 64 bit. (Yes, I have printers installed) I'm running VW as an Administrator in XP SP2 compatibilty mode.
  4. What is the latest dwg/dxf version supported for importing into VW 12.5.3. Are there plans to provide any additional updates for 12.5.3 to support later dwg/dxf versions? Thanks
  5. I FOUND THE PROBLEM!! If the Symbol Library is saved with the symbols' classes set to invisible, they don't appear at first when "imported" into a new drawing, regardless if the class is set to visible on the new drawing. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Below is the code for the simplest tool, but is representative of all of them. Basically, I'm just accessing or importing an existing symbol(s) into the document. In 12.5, the plug-in won't display until I access the Class or Layer visibility dialogs. PROCEDURE Chairs; VAR strChair : STRING; {$INCLUDE MLCFunctions.vss} BEGIN strChair := pChair_Type; If IsSymbol(strChair)=True then begin {make sure Chair symbol is in document - custom function in MLCFunctions.vss} Symbol(strChair,0,0,0); {place Chair in document} end; END; RUN(Chairs); Here's the IsSymbol function from the MLCFunctions.vss file Function IsSymbol(strSymbol:STRING):BOOLEAN; {Checks current document for a symbol, and imports it from Symbol Master if it doesn't exist} BEGIN IF GetObject(strSymbol)=NIL THEN BEGIN {symbol does not exist in current document} {Copy symbol definition to current document - make sure it exists} IF CopySymbol('G:\Symbol Master.mcd',strSymbol) = True THEN BEGIN IsSymbol := True; {succesfully imported symbol from Master Symbol Library} END ELSE BEGIN IsSymbol := False; {couldn't find Library and/or symbol within Library} END; {if CopySymbol} END ELSE BEGIN {symbol exists in current document} IsSymbol := True; END; {if GetObject} END;
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've tried updating the plug-in objects which has no change on new documents.
  8. I recently converted from 10.5 to 12.5.1. Many of my custom point-object plug-ins do not display upon creation, and also blank a portion of the screen upon reset. I've tried adding the Redraw and RedrawAll commands at the end of the script, but even that doesn't fix it. Any suggestions?
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