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  1. VW is not able to reference to dwg directly. However this would be very useful for us too. I don't know if the lines are fixed yet.
  2. I have got this answer from TerryE at the Virtualbox forum: "A quick look at Vectorworks states that it is "2D/3D AEC CAD software for Windows and Macintosh." Sorry but 3D software just doesn't work well under VB and isn't supported. There are lots of discussion on the forum as to why." So I guess I will have to try VMware or some other VM program to make this work...
  3. I have now posted this topic on the Virtualbox forum at http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?p=30800#30800. Letś hope they can give a hint of what's going on.
  4. No, I haven't contacted them yet. I will probably do so, but it would be good to know if someone here has got VW to work in a Virtualbox virtual machine or only me doing something wrong...
  5. I have now tried 3-4 times and everytime I try to start the VW in the virtual XP machine it crashes. There is no new lines in the /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog files. However the VBox.log file ends like this: 00:01:05.416 /TM/GC/1nsSteps 34 times 00:01:05.416 /TM/R3/1nsSteps 326 times 00:01:05.417 /TM/VirtualSync/CurrentOffset 3270000 ns 00:01:05.417 ********************* End of statistics ********************** 00:01:05.442 Changing the VM state from 'DESTROYING' to 'TERMINATED'. I get the same results when trying to run VW on a Windows 2000 machine.
  6. It dumps everything, the whole machine stops running immediately after the first VW 2008 welcome screen shows up. I still haven't notified the virtualbox people. I thought it would be good to check here first if someone has got VW running with XP in a virtualbox machine. I can try to get the dmesg if you tell me how to do. Do I use dmesg as a command in a terminal window or is there a file somewhere? And where do I find the syslog?
  7. I tried to install Vectorworks 2008 on a Windows XP sp2 virtual machine in Virtualbox 1.6.2 on a Ubuntu 8.04 host.The installation worked fine, but when I try to start VW the whole virtual machine crasches. The virtual XP workes fine with other programs. Has anyone else here tried this? I would like to be able to run VW while I'm logged in to Ubuntu.
  8. I have a problem with mirrored text in symbols that are mirrored when exported to dwg. In VW this is no problem because the program can automaticly have mirrored text to be turned right, but in Autocad the text is showed mirrored. Does anyone know a way around this problem?
  9. The consultants i work with had some minor problems with my dwg:s from VW 2008. However I do these steps: 1. export only one layer from design layers with the classes I want to export turned on. 2. In the dwg export dialog I have: -Format dwg 2000 -Export as Classes -Invisible classes Are: Not exported -Sheets to include: Design layers only -2D Fills and Files: Export 2D fills unmarked!! Important because it seems as Autocad is handeling wipeouts (white fills) very slow, which makes the files heavy to use on Autocad. And a file full of wipeouts or fills are strange for an Autocad user... -3D: Decompose 3D Symbols and Groups is unmarked Line Wights: I do not map lines to colors anymore. I think Autocad user should get rid of this behavior. It has been possible in Autocad to use linewights since Autocad 2000! Thats it! I also use color by class if possible for all objects. Many consultants like to gray the architects drawings by changing the classes to a gray color.
  10. I do agree with archoncad, call dem SP1, 2, 3, 4... I will now doanload SP2 r3, I did not realize it was a new servicepack, in fact SP 4?? Wow I really missed this, let?s see if my problem with not beeing able to stretch walls in rotated mode has been fixed.
  11. Silo, a popular commercial 3d modeler is beeing ported to Linux. "Silo development marches onward... I can let you in on one area where we've made a lot of recent progress: Linux. The final frontier. :] Silo is running quite well and we're hoping to pass it on to the beta team ..." As I understand they have used the open framework Qt, which makes it easier to have the same codebase on different platforms. http://www.nevercenter.com/ http://www.silo3d.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13766 http://trolltech.com/products/qt
  12. I have experienced the same problem with all stairs of a kind erased ewhen erasing one. It?s very irritating and I have no clue why a stair suddenly behaves like that. Where can I find the "fix stair association" script? Johncruet, did you try the scrip? I don?t know how many hours I spent on this, but the buggy stairtool shold be fixed. I have also noticed that the leader is only drawn as a line without thickness...
  13. I would like to see that Nemetschek give their support to the Wine project. I just read at winehq.org that Photoshop CS2 now works with wine, I guess PS CS3 will do it soon. With news like this I really think it is time now for VW to go for Linux! And take a good position in the expanding Linux market. The little effort would probably be payed off immidiatly and as a spinnoff give VW god advertise in magazines, forums etc as the real crossplatform cad alternative!
  14. Wow, that?s something! I guess it would not be so hard to make VW2008 work either if the Nemetchek team wanted to give a little help to the wine project. Ofcourse a native version would be best, but I would be happy with a version working wine to start with...
  15. I would like to be able to manipulate the pixels of bitmap images inside VW. I often import old drawings and maps that has been scanned as an underlay for my work. I?m only asking for simple manipulation like adding lines and pixels or removing pixels. I had this function in the application Rasterex for Autocad, and it was really useful to have the possibilty to do some simple photomanipulation directly in the cadview.
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