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  1. Any chance of getting this Apple script to work ?? - If VW native can open DXF (would be a surprise , because it doesn?t let you select .dxf in the open file dialog) then this would be the most elegant way of getting it done ...
  2. Maybee you can jump start me here I did try the following Appple script **** tell application "VectorWorks" activate select file "FilePath" open selection end tell ***** where Filepath = "Kohler:CadDrawings:Drawings:5500:100-5542.dxf" this returns the following "apple script error" VextorWorks got an Error: file "Kohler:CadDrawings:Drawings:5500:100-5542.dxf" doesn?t understand the select message.
  3. That "sucks" Is there any way of starting a "batch" conversion dxf to VW drawing automatically without user intervetion ?? The issue is not to keep the file name ... I just need to be able to automatically open the (dxf) file out of Filemaker to be able to look at it... Therfore Copying the file into temp folder (Apple script)- converting it with temp name (VW) - open as VW drawing with temp name would work just fine (Apple Script) ...
  4. Help - This seems to be a very simple task ... but I have not been able to figure this out by myself I'm trying to "force" vectorworks 12.5 to open/import dxf files automatically in a script ...but at this point, I can not even open a specific file in VectorScript - What's the command to open a specific file with VectorScript ?? . Realizing that there is no way to open dxf direct, the idea was to: A) open a new (empty) file B) force VectorWorks to import a spcified dxf file automatically into the newly created file / window... Any Ideas ????


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