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  1. Went to the VW user libraries and got a new Mac Aura symbol. Once I replaced it everything works fine now. Always some interesting things happening 😉
  2. Thanks for your reply I’m going to work on this more today. I don’t think it’s the PDF reader since I’m using Acrobat Pro. I’m pretty sure it’s something with the particular symbol I’m using. If I replace the Auras with source 4s they show up fine. I’m going to go search for a different Aura symbol. I will post if successful or if the problem persists
  3. I have been working on a light plot and everything is fine in Vectorworks but when I export to a PDF file, the 6 Mac Auras on the plot disappear. The legend labels are there and all the other lights are fine just no Auras. I have checked to make sure they are in the same layer and class as other lights and I have refreshed the instruments. I have even replaced the instruments but still no luck. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks
  4. Thanks. That does work well, but most of my plots come to me from designers and the instruments are all at different positions like X=12'6.2297". I've tried copying and pasting but that doesn't work. I'm now working on inserting a new instrument on a different layer on top of the existing one. Then I just have to figure out how to get the data from their record into the Spotlight record. I happen to have a lot of time on this show (Apple WWDC) and I'm having fun finally learning this program I've been using for 10 Years!
  5. One other question if you have the time. Is there a way to align symbols to the grid using their insertion points? Whenever I try to align to grid, it always uses the top left corner. Since the symbols are all different sizes, they do not line up to the grid relative to each other. It would be really nice to select all my lighting instruments and align them to a 6" x 6" grid. Then (I know, I said one more thing but it's really two) I would love to be able to take the X Y position information in the shape tab and copy it into the instrument data record. Ultimately I would like to align all the instruments then export the X Y positions into LightWright and print truss labels with measurements accurate to the closest 6". Thanks for your time Marty
  6. Thanks so much. Both solutions worked fine. I only wisth these things were mentioned in the manual. Actually they probably are but I just cant find them This discussion group is a great resource. Thanks for helping me out. Marty
  7. Hi. This seems like a simple question, but I've never tried it before today and I can't seem to figure it out. When I try to view a drawing in 3D and that drawing has several different layers, I only seem to be able to view the active layer in 3D. The other layers are shown but remain in Plan View. How can I look at the entire drawing in 3D? Thanks
  8. Thanks so much. I made it through this plot but as soon as this job is finished I'm going to work with these scripts.
  9. When I am working on a plot I like to keep everything on a 6" by 6" grid. What I would like to do is be able to align a symbol to the grid and have the center/insertion point snap to the grid. As it is now, it's always the upper left corner that is aligned to the grid. Anyone have any ideas on how to line up the center? Thanks
  10. I often receive plots that have gone through several people working in VectorWorks and AutoCad. By the time I get them they may have as many as 150 layers. Is there any way to select several layers and merge them into one? Thanks


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