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  1. The connecting line visibility does not appear using the "Change Plant Grouping” function. • Use the Single Plant Placement Mode and insert several plants. Use the Change Plant Grouping tool from the Landmark menu. The plants will group but NO line connecting these plants will appear. • Insert plants using the Poly-vertex Placement Mode or Poly Edge Spaced Mode or Rectangular Array Mode or Triangular Array Mode, the line appears. • Use the Change Plant Grouping function again on any of the above placement modes and the line dissappears like it always has done., BUT use the Change Plant Grouping function again on the same plants and the line will not re-appear. I have done the same thing using VW 18, (and even VW2008) and the visible lines connecting the plants re-appear (like always). Also it didn’t matter whether the polygon display was set to solid or none, the visible line could always added later if desired. Any thoughts or is this already on a fix list?
  2. cmpatten

    Question about details?

    Try CaDdetails.com. The site has general landscape details and details from many vendors from pavers to erosion control, retaining walls, etc. It has a special link for Vectorworks users so you can download .mcd files directly. Try it out. -------------------- Mac OS 10.3.7 VW11, Landmark
  3. cmpatten

    Tickmark Display

    I have been trying to get the Tickmark display to default from "none" to "cross" and change the default size of the tickmark. Also I would like to change the polygon display from Centers-Dashed to Centers-Solid. I have changed the Vectorscript Plug-in 'Plant' for all three items and saved, but it always reverts back to the original settings when I continue working. When I go back to the Vectorscript, it shows my changes, but does not impliment them. Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated. Craig Patten (450MHz Dual, 1 Mb ram, OS 10.2.8, VW 10.5.1)
  4. cmpatten

    Project Plant List

    quote: Originally posted by Katie: You should be able to add more than that to the Project Plant List. I believe there is a limit to the number of symbols you can use, however the limit for the number of plants in the Project Plant list is pretty extensive. Are you going thru the Plant Manager, selecing Project Plant List from the drop down and clicking on new entry to create a new plant ? Yes I'm using the Plant Manager from the droop down. I usually use it in the VL_Resources.mcd drawing to add the new plants/symbols so the new symbols can be used on any drawing. I've also tried to enter the info (through the drop down Plant Manager) in a normal drawing but get the same results. Any help?
  5. cmpatten

    Project Plant List

    Is there a maximum size to the Project Plant List? I use the same list for all of my drawings and I add new plants (and symbols) as I work. I was trying to add another plant to the list (after 103 entries to the list) and I received the message that the plant list was full. Is there a work around or must I develop several lists. I am using a Mac with system 9.2.2 with version 9.5.1 of Vectorworks/Landmark .
  6. I want to add the total cost for the irrigation pipe to the irrigation line spreadsheet. I have added the unit cost to the irrigation line plug-in but cannot get the built in spreadsheet to multiply the unit cost times the total pipe length for the correct answer. Do I need to create a new spreadsheet to solve this problem? Any ideas? Craig
  7. cmpatten

    Landscape Firms

    Stan's Landscaping, Inc. 16464 W. 143rd Street Lockport, IL 60441 Phone: 815-838-4200 Fax: 815-838-0513 email: stanlnd@attglobal.net Contact: Craig Patten


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