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  1. Suddenly my view bar at the top of the VW12.5.2 page will disappear (it usually shows X, Y, L, Classes, Layers) if I close the program then re-start it, back it comes. Why is this ? is there some Hot key which brings it back or is this another "bug"
  2. Does anyone know why the template files I copied to a colleage in our office, does not have the symbol folders which were there originally. Just the drawing ?
  3. you don't need to re-type everything, just highlight the piece of text and change it to Arial Narrow, but you must first double click to get into the edit mode otherwise it won't work
  4. The pattern fill used for solid insulation (small squares)shows on screen ok, but when printed it comes out almost solid grey. Th pattern is now almost invisible! is there any means of changing this so it prints as on screen.
  5. To archoncad thanks also, your input was correct, one other question; I show up as "stranger" but I'm a member, how do I change this ?
  6. To JAN15 thanks it worked just fine, why on earth don't the people who write these programs explain a much needed op like this ! THANKS AGAIN
  7. How do you add the small circle meaning"degrees" when entering text, I am unable to find any reference to this obviously needed text character. I am using VW 12.0.1
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