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  1. Hi Ray, thank you for your help. I checked the 2 links you gave me and i am surprised that discussion are 3-4 years old! I think ( and i am sure i am not the only one...) it's about time that VW can read shx font, in order to get correct dwg files. In the mean time , this means that i have to re-design the geometer plans .... totaly un-cool .
  2. Hi everyone, in our country geometers are using a '' special'' design for electricity lines. the lines are dashed with arrows, single or double depending if there is high or low voltage. the second thing ... phone lines for example are dashed with a letter T coming regularly between the gaps of the line... all this information does not appear after importing a dwg . how can i make it work? thanks for your help. Sainclair ( VW landmark 2009 , OSX10.5)
  3. yep, i agree with journey man. mac is great, stabile and confortable work with. cheers, sainclair
  4. hello everyone, i have a wish for the futur versions of VW . We are struggling with the file/ drawing size. a few line, a few structures and we get 70MB... During the planing process we send all the time files in dwg. it takes time for the conversion and they are problematic to send by e-mail. PLEASE in the future versions try to get files smaller. This would make our work with your software more comfortable and to make the file exchange easier. thank you very much regards Sainclair
  5. i have bough recently an i-mac . Installed VW 12.5 and my problem is that i don't have all the pattern . I can only choose the one which are in the second half of the dialog box. Can some one tell me what should i do..... regards, Sainclair
  6. Hi there, thanks for your message, but where can i find Character Map system accessory program? regards sainclair
  7. Hello, i am looking for the diameter sign (the circle with the line passing through). Where can i find it? best regards Sainclair
  8. Hello! we are using Futura Lt BT as default font. I type some text with this font and so far no problem...But when i need to add or make some corrections in my text, then the added letters are in Arial!!! best regards sainclair
  9. I tried for other problems, but these guys are very difficult to catch on the phone , and they don't answer e-mails...
  10. Hi, The VW german version as a stamp to mark areas of 2D polylines. I didn' t find the same tool on the english version... How can get the area of a surface without going to copy the sq m on the object info palette and past it in the drawing? thanks
  11. Sainclair

    PNG Files

    Hi again, i made a little mistake... i ment .DGN files nor PNG is it possible to import them? best regards
  12. Sainclair

    PNG Files

    Thanks a lot regards sainclair


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