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  1. I created a PIO using an arc as path, converted to nurbs curve and used an oval for profile shape. Original arc created in horizontal 2d plane then when converted to nurbs rotated vertical (I want the option to rotate as desired). Then created an extrude along path object from rotated nurbs curve and oval profile. Works okay .... until I select object and change properties in attribute dialog then PIO resets so that it changes orientation relative to the current viewing angle. Can anybody help? This does not happen with other PIO's say made from sweep objects. PIO code is as follows; PROCEDURE Test1; VAR objname :STRING; result :BOOLEAN; oh,rh,wh :HANDLE; h1, h2, h3 :HANDLE; BEGIN result:= GetCustomObjectInfo(objname,oh,rh,wh); IF result THEN BEGIN ArcByCenter(9", 9", 9", 180, 90); h1:=LNewObj; h1:=ConvertToNURBS(h1,false); Set3DRot(h1, 90, 0, 0,0, 0, 0); Oval(-3 5/16", 3 5/16", 3 5/16", -3 5/16"); h2:=LNewObj; h3:=CreateExtrudeAlongPath(h1, h2); END; END; RUN(Test1);
  2. It definitely is worth considering especially when you use the export plugin to export vectorworks to cinema 4d, this helps with textures and any design changes you may encounter and helps smooth out the work flow. Cinema 4d is a great programme in its own right. Easy to use, fast to learn, renders have a natural softness and look and so its not surprising that it is gaining in popularity. What I took note of when I purchased C4D is that the creators and users ENJOY the creativity that C4D offers. However there is also another software programme that you may want to give serious consideration to - Vue Xstream available at www.e-onsoftware.com/. These people in my opinion are brilliant. Essentially it creates realistic environments (sky atmosphere vegetation) that can be integrated into C4D. Its amazing to see the capabilities that this software offers. For architecture, its a must. You bring your design from vectorworks into C4D and then create your landscaping etc in C4D thru VueXstream. Check it out.
  3. Could really do with a process piping module Vectorworks PIPING ? Use vectorworks for everything else


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