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  1. See attached screenshot. How would one go about modelling the curved trim on the face of this range hood cover? I can make the shape of the range hood easily enough with simple 3D tools, but I'm a bit stumped on how to model the trim/frame on the face. Or should it be a subtraction? Either way, I need to create the 3D geometry. And insights welcomed. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply. The problem is, I'm not clicking and dragging. I just click, then try to move the cursor to the next point, and I get the curved line. There are times the tool works as expected, but a lot of the time it starts the implied curve nonsense. I've been using Vectorworks since version 11, so I kind of know what to expect from this tool. VW2019 is different. It's not consistent. And it's frustrating.
  3. Is there a way to turn off this ridiculous implied bezier/curve or whatever it is, when using the poly line tool? If I wanted a curve, I can choose from several modes make that happen. If I've selected the straight line mode, I probably want a straight line. Why does this program work against you so much? It's frustrating....
  4. Wow. That is not the answer I was hoping for. I'll see if I can find a correlation to the viewports as well, though my initial recollection is that it happens randomly, not specific or related to viewports. For now I've turned my autosave off, but it doesn't seem to make much difference... Do you have InteriorCAD? I thought maybe it was related to that but my feeling is it is not.
  5. Did anyone find a solution to this problem? VW2019 hangs every 2 minutes or so. I need to wait 40-50 seconds before it catches up and is usable again. I use the term usable loosely. I can't work like this. VW2019 SP5.2 Mac OS Mojave mid 2015 MacBook pro
  6. Well that didn't last long. Now, back to SP5.2...
  7. Ok. Repair complete. Found and repaired 96 files. I'll try this out for a few days....
  8. I upgraded VW2019 to SP5.3 recently, and now the program hangs a lot. It doesn't completely crash, but I get the spinning wheel repeatedly, and things slow to such a crawl it might as well have crashed. Waiting it out until it catches up to last couple of inputs takes too long - better to just force quit, lose the work and try again. Can someone tell me how to revert back to 5.2, or even 5.1. This didn't happen with those service packs. Are there any more updates coming for 2019? Or is this as good as it gets (which isn't good). Thanks VW 2019 sp5.3 Macbook Pro mid-2015 Mojave
  9. Hi @Kevin McAllister, I can live the results after un-checking the Display 2D Components. Thank you. But it doesn't make a lot of sense as this is not a 2D component. Plus, why would this be controlled by the Ceiling>Main class when my section line is looking down? Seems counter-intuitive.
  10. See attached file. There is a line in my viewport (looks like a sill, or header) but I can't get rid of it. Can someone shed some light on this? Vectorworks 2019 Architect, InteriorCAD, SP5.3 Macbook Pro mid-2015, Mojave Thanks why can't I get rid of this line?.vwx
  11. Edited original post to include information I should have the first time. Sorry about that.
  12. I recently updated to SP5.2 for VW2019 (from SP5.1). Now it crashes constantly. Anyone else? Totally random, can't replicate it. Just wondering if I'm the only one, and if someone might have figured out why. Macbook Pro, late 2015 VW 2019.SP5.2, InteriorCAD MacOS 10.11.6 El Capitan
  13. I was afraid that was going to be the answer I got. Really, I thought this was supposed to be real, professional software. Can't even change grain direction on something?? Crazy. Maybe the next Teaser Tuesday can show that basic functionality is now working! Thanks for your reply....
  14. Is there a way to manipulate the grain direction of a single plane of an extrude? I have bench with a wood grain, but I want the top of it running horizontally, while the rest is vertical. See attached image. How do I get the top ledge grain direction running left to right?
  15. Me too. Hard to replicate. Generally fixed by a re-start. Not awesome.
  16. I didn't. And I don't know what changed but it started working again. I had tried it about 5 times and kept getting this message. Lot's of strange things happening with VW for me lately. I hope it stops.
  17. Um, why can't I fillet these lines with a 3" radius?
  18. For whatever reason, the first 10 times I did this, nothing happened. This time it worked. Not sure what I was doing wrong previously, but at least I can move forward now. Thank you.
  19. For the love of god would somebody please change the grain direction of the header of this frame to be horizontal? Why does it have to be so difficult? Thanks. grain problem.vwx
  20. This problem has arisen again. Wrong grain direction, and I can't seem to adjust it. The front face of this wall should have a vertical grain to match the sides, but no matter what I do, it stays horizontal. Why?
  21. Bug report submitted.
  22. Strange, it works through printing. Either way I would submit the bug report - but I actually don't know how to. I can't post to the known issues section, so will a moderator see it here and move it? Or is there a separate section for bug reporting? EDIT: Nevermind, I spoke too soon. I found it...
  23. Thanks for looking into it. I will file a bug report today....
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