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  1. Mine does the same thing. I can't generally start a dimension with the snap loupe, only finish one, or continue a chain dimension.
  2. Thanks for the help. My machine is not that old, with 2GB ram. But, I'll increase my ram soon. Unfortunately a new computer is a year or so away. I've already turned off all the pre-selection highlighting. No change with it on or off. I just can't believe that the new screen tips are that taxing on ram and video cards.
  3. It does it with every file, all the time. I'll submit bug report this weekend. Ken
  4. I wrote that to express my frustration with 2009..... I do system maintenance every month or sooner, and shut my computer down at least 2 times a week. Not using File Vault. I will watch activity monitor and see if anything is unusual. Thanks.
  5. I've got 64GB available. Should be plenty for VW to work with.... Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I have the same problem. I switch back to 2008 whenever I get tired of buggy eyes waiting for redraws.... I've called tech support with no help, and I've installed the trackpad fix (although I am using a mouse). VW is getting worse with every release. I think I'm going to install 12.5 again and never upgrade..... Ken Macbook Pro 2.2 Core Duo, 2GB ram, GeForce 8600M GT 128MB
  7. Hi there. I too have the zooming problem, but it's not limited to the trackpad. I did download the script and ran it, but no improvement. Is anyone else having this issue with their macbook pro's? I've been in touch with tech support locally, but have yet to hear any resolve. Im running a macbook pro 2.2 core duo with 128MB video and 2G ram.
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced slow zooming using a mouse wheel? It doesn't happen often, but once in a while something changes in a file, and causes slow zooms (slow to regenerate the drawing - things are missing and blurry, and then generate properly, but with a delay). Usually I just copy my work to another file and carry-on, but this time I have too many sheets and viewports for this to be feasible. There must be a setting somewhere causing slow regen times. Any suggestions? Thanks Ken VW2008, SP2, Macbook Pro, Leopard
  9. i regularly draw stile and rail doors for my woodwork company, and I generally do the grouping thing. It would be great to be able to constrain certain items within a group so that if it was resized simply by the vertices in 2D selection mode things would remain the dimensions they are supposed to be. A wish list item? BTW - using the parametric cabinets as supplied by VW are too limiting for detailed cabinetry.
  10. The same behavior happens too with most objects like bolts, channels, square tubing...definitely doesn't seem right.
  11. Ok....I can figure that. But why? X-Y seems to be less complicated. Whether a rectangle is rotated or not, the X-Y axis are still obvious. What was the reasoning behind the change? I've read another post recommending that I change the rectangle to a polygon, and then the X-Y references are used, but that just seems to be another step for no reason.
  12. Agreed....I prefer the old method as well. Just wish I had a fix to change back to it.
  13. In VW 2008 there's a new move by points command that allows you to move an object by picking points. It also allows you to create multiples (like duplicate array). ctrl c and ctrl v is not the same as ctrl d (dulpicate). The option to offset or not to offset only refers to what happens when an item is duplicated. The fastest way to duplicate is to hold ctrl (or option on mac) while clicking and dragging an item. You'll know your duplicating the object by the little + sign by your cursor.
  14. Regardless of your page locations on a sheet layer, they should all print the same if your page setup is the same. Not sure about moving them all at the same time though. Isn't that the good thing about sheet layers? Some can be at 11x17 while others can be at 8.5x11....they're all independent are they not?
  15. I used the option - Use floating data bar. This seems to have worked. (I prefer not to use the floating data bar, but it's preferable than not seeing my text!) I will try further and let you know of any problems. Thank you. This was driving me crazy. BTW, I created my text boxes by clicking (not by dragging a box), and I'm using build 83388. Thanks again. VW2008 SP2 83388 on Macbook Pro / Leopard
  16. Thanks for the reply Benson. I don't think its a zoom or scale issue. I've been using VW for about 2 years now, and this seems to be a new problem. Funny thing, when I open a new file, I can see the text I want to edit. The problem arrives only after I save the file. Actually, I've had a lot of glitches with VW lately. I might try a re-install (and this will be the 3rd time since upgrading to 2008). I question how much testing Nemetschek actually did on 2008 before its release. I won't be so quick to upgrade next time a new version is released that's for sure. Any other help would be great. VW 2008SP2 on Macbook Pro/Leopard
  17. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem. Whenever I try to edit text I've created, it is not visible on the screen. All I get is a grey box with the tab markers at the top where the characters are located, but I can't see the text. I've also noticed that the text I'm trying to edit is actually visible, but somewhere else on the screen; usually way off to the right (and often too far to see clearly). Forces me to be a better typer tho cause trying to fix errors later are tough.
  18. I'm trying to use a dimension style where I have both primary and secondary units displayed. I have created a custom dimension style, and made the necessary adjustments to display both units in a stacked formation. I also went to the units control, and set the secondary rounding to the nearest millimeter. But, when I create my dimensions, I always get the secondary units displaying to 0.1mm accuracy. I have to manually decompose chain dimensions, and change the rounding back to 1mm. Surely there has to be a better way........ Any ideas? Macbook pro, VW2008SP2
  19. My VW 2008 crashes under the same circumstances. I too am using a macbook pro with 10.5 and latest build of VW. I've found that once it starts crashing, it crashes over and over. I generally re-start my computer and it seems fine for a while. Otherwise, I have my autosave set for every minute, and report the problem to apple at every crash.
  20. On a mac keyboard, the usual enter button at the right of the letters is labelled "return", and this is exactly what it does in vectorworks. Definitely must use the enter button at the number pad to effect the closing of dialogue boxes.
  21. I agree. It's a pain to always have an untitled file open, or to always have to close one every time I switch an application.....
  22. Normally I just select the walls and items that I want to see, then set the view to either left, right, front or back. Then I convert copy to polygons and do any final editing or touch-ups in 2D. I do this for architectural woodwork shop drawings and it works well for me.
  23. Does anyone know how to print multiple design or sheet layers into one multi-page PDF file? I have tried repeatedly to no avail. Also, I can't seem to print to an 11x17 PDF either (I can only export to 11x17). Any help would be great! Macbook Pro/OSx10.5/VW2008-SP2
  24. Maybe a silly suggestion, but are you certain you are in a top/plan view....not just top view?
  25. Not sure. The problem started when I had tiger, and still continued with leopard. Funny thing is that it is not consistent. Things don't always move out of position, but often. Actually, while I was writing this I tried to do it again but it seems to be fine. (I just installed SP2, and maybe it was fixed with the update). I'll post again if it continues.
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