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  1. For the price of interiorCAD XS....I can't imagine why anyone would stick to the Vectorworks libraries. I used the VW cabinets until I purchased interiorCAD....there's no comparison. Given speed, efficiency and flexibility of InteriorCAD XS it would probably pay for itself on the first project. Just my opinion having used both.
  2. Even that would be an improvement....at least there would be some acknowledgement of the problem......
  3. I'm not using 2011 yet, but I always regretted upgrading to 2010 as soon as it was released. I've decided that I will stay a year behind on upgrades so there's time for some of the bugs to be worked out. I don't think annual upgrades are feasible. I would much prefer to wait 2-3 yrs between upgrades if it meant the new changes were robust, well thought-out, and productive.
  4. On the topic of NC code, is one machine's software better for integration to interiorCAD than the other? Currently I'm considering either and SCM Pratix N12 (Xilog Plus) or the Biesse Skill GFT (Biesseworks). Will InteriorCAD work with both of these equally well? Our work...at least to start will mainly deal with typical casework. VW2010 SP4 architect, InteriorCAD MacBook Pro 2.4 4GB, 256MB video
  5. Make it the size you want....then command+R to toggle it on and off. Might be easier.
  6. C'mon. NO ONE likes it this way. We all just put up with it as we've all invested so much time becoming proficient with the software. SURELY there's a way to fix this.
  7. jrhartley's commets are spot on. I too went through a lot of trouble with VW when 2009 came out and was slow to regen. They told me a similar thing....working as designed. I thought they were crazy. "Yes....I like to get headaches after drawing for a short time as my eyes keep trying to focus on things that aren't in focus..."
  8. Just wondering.....why is interiorCAD not listed in the Nemetschek home site? I know it's an add-on for VW, but a fairly substantial one. It's not listed anywhere on the support forum either. Is Nemetschek not serious about InteriorCAD I wonder?
  9. Agreed. This problem started with VW 2009 I believe. I thought for the longest time that my computer was at fault (and that's what tech support said as well....video card issue). I went as far as buying a new macbook pro with a better video card, and installed another 2gb ram only to find that nothing changed. It's definitely the software. Should this issue be posted elsewhere? I realize this shouldn't be a wishlist....but I do wish it would be fixed. VW architect 2010 SP4, InteriorCAD Macbook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz 4GB ram, 256MB video
  10. I've had this problem too. And haven't figured out a fix. It's happened with other VP's as well....namely when I make a change to cabinets in InteriorCAD. If I copy+paste a cabinet front another file, all the VP's move up or down. They all move the same amount though. VW 2010 SP4 Architect/InteriorCAD Macbook Pro 2.4, 3GB, 256MB video
  11. I use interiorCAD as well. Great program, but takes a while to get the hang of it. On another note, has anyone looked at Softplan? i used this program about 12 yrs ago, so not too sure where it's at now, but just thought I'd throw it out there....
  12. I have the same problem. It's very frustrating. Also, I occasionally see when zoomed back out that certain lines are not straight but appear jagged, but then zooming in, or checking the properties in the OIP it actually IS straight. I wonder if it's a video card issue. I have a 256MB card, which I thought would be enough for VW..... VW2010 SP3 Architect/InteriorCAD Macbook Pro 2.4 Ghz, OSX 10.6.4 3GB Ram, 256MB GeForce Video
  13. C'mon NNA....it's time to fix this bug. Or start refunding money. This is ridiculous.
  14. Sorry. OS is 10.6.3. The latest as far as I know. It only happens in viewports (but then, that's the only time I'm placing drawings labels....)
  15. It's not file specific. Whenever I place a drawing label, the title that I set in the preferences appears, only to be automatically replaced with "drawing title". The drawing coordination check box is in the document preferences.... Thanks.....
  16. Yes. Update done. 2010 SP3 Macbook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHZ, 3GB GeForce 8600M GT 256MB
  17. Is there a way to stop the drawing label (in a viewport) from automatically using the viewport name as the title, and use the one given in the drawing label preferences dialogue box? I have automatic drawing co-ordination turned off, but it still insists on using the viewport name. Thanks
  18. Yes. I have the same problem. I've found that if I un-check the associate dimensions in the document preferences then the dimensions work fine. (Of course, they won't be associated anymore but hey....let's not be greedy). Again another software release that is full of bugs and glitches. I just opened a file that I saved pre-SP3 and the whole file is a mess. Viewports and dimensions are scattered everywhere. Going to try to revert to an older file tonight. Frustrating.
  19. I have the same problems with the snap loupe. In fact it seems pretty inconsistent overall. Also, frequently when I'm trying to place a dimension, after selecting the 2 points I want to dimension, the dimension is locked along the line of what Im dimensioning. (That's a lot of 'dimension' in one sentence). Pretty annoying. I have to escape out of the command and start again. Hopefully this will be fixed when I upgrade to 2010. VW 2009 SP4 Architect Macbook Pro 2.4 OSx 10.5.8 3GB ram 256MB
  20. Convert the rectangle to a polygon and you'll have the x-y's back in order. Extra steps, but might eliminate any confusion.
  21. Thanks for the input. With respect to the firmware update...that's been done. Also, this is my second macbook pro and both have done the exact same thing. I guess it's a normal thing, just seems odd that the fan NEVER comes on unless I'm using VW. I do notice that if I don't shut down VW for a day or two it does start to run noticeably slower. Then, shut down and restart...speeds back up. Must have a memory leak or something? Thanks Ken
  22. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem. Almost every time I use Vectorworks with my Macbook Pro, it gets really hot. Then the fan kicks in. I find it generally starts as soon as I do a little bit of 3D modeling (very simple stuff) and/or use interiorCad. I have the laptop on top of some wood spacer blocks on my desk so there is airflow all around it. Does VW really make the processor work so hard it nearly overheats? Ken Macbook Pro 2.4ghz 3GB Ram 256MB video
  23. Thanks for the reply. I did do it this way, but I end up with a line between the viewports....I was hoping to get a single viewport. Ok....this will have to work. Maybe this should be a wishlist item.
  24. Just wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to make a 2 part section viewport line. I have a bank of cabinets that (in plan) are horizontal for the first 4 feet or so, then taper at an angle for the rest of the run to the wall. I would like to make a section viewport in the same configuration so that the viewport shows all cabinets looking straight on....not at an angle for part of the run of cabinets. Thanks Ken VW 2009 Macbook Pro 2.2GHz
  25. I have the same zoom re-draw problem with my macbook pro as well. Theob...can you tell me more specifically what you had to do to your 2009 settings to rectify the problem? I've been in touch with tech support, and they sent me a script to run but it made no difference. I've also been told the WAD solution...in that it's "Working as Designed". But I don't believe this as not everyone is having the problem, and it is VERY annoying. I can't go back to 2008 as I also have Interiorcad and the 2008 version of that is terrible. Macbook Pro 3.1 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz L2 Cache 4MB Ram 3GB 60GB free space
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