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  1. My VW 2008 crashes under the same circumstances. I too am using a macbook pro with 10.5 and latest build of VW. I've found that once it starts crashing, it crashes over and over. I generally re-start my computer and it seems fine for a while. Otherwise, I have my autosave set for every minute, and report the problem to apple at every crash.
  2. On a mac keyboard, the usual enter button at the right of the letters is labelled "return", and this is exactly what it does in vectorworks. Definitely must use the enter button at the number pad to effect the closing of dialogue boxes.
  3. I agree. It's a pain to always have an untitled file open, or to always have to close one every time I switch an application.....
  4. Normally I just select the walls and items that I want to see, then set the view to either left, right, front or back. Then I convert copy to polygons and do any final editing or touch-ups in 2D. I do this for architectural woodwork shop drawings and it works well for me.
  5. Does anyone know how to print multiple design or sheet layers into one multi-page PDF file? I have tried repeatedly to no avail. Also, I can't seem to print to an 11x17 PDF either (I can only export to 11x17). Any help would be great! Macbook Pro/OSx10.5/VW2008-SP2
  6. Maybe a silly suggestion, but are you certain you are in a top/plan view....not just top view?
  7. Not sure. The problem started when I had tiger, and still continued with leopard. Funny thing is that it is not consistent. Things don't always move out of position, but often. Actually, while I was writing this I tried to do it again but it seems to be fine. (I just installed SP2, and maybe it was fixed with the update). I'll post again if it continues.
  8. I have the same problem with my version of 2008. I have recently upgraded from 12.5 (and this problem didn't exist in 12.5). In my case, if I try to change the size of a rectangle with any vertex constrained, after the change in size the rectangle moves out of position by a small amount. Very frustrating. I constantly have to re-place items after I change their size. I think it's a bug in 2008. I'm using a macbook pro w/ 10.5 installed.
  9. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this: My call-out tool is always using the arrowhead style set by class, instead of the call-out tool preferences. No matter what style arrowhead I set in the call-out tool, it will only use the style of the active class. (This wasn't the case when I was using 12.5) I'm using VW 2008 with SP2 installed on a Macbook Pro. Thanks Ken
  10. Just wondering if it was possible to print greyscale from Vectorworks (12.5) to an HP 1012 laser. I normally set my preferences to "black and white only" just prior to printing, otherwise my coloured lines print fuzzy. But, of course, when I do that, any shading added to my drawing disappears. The closest I can get is to add a pattern to approximate greyscale, but it's not quite right. I do know that if I print to PDF first, then to the printer, the greyscale comes out smooth. But that's not really the answer I'm looking for.... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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