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  1. Hi. Is there someone that can elaborate on the above? I too would like the opening triangles to show up, but I'm not sure what exactly to change in the misc file. I think changing the variable from either 1 or 0 only changes whether the hinge triangle shows the hinges at the point, or the handle at the point of the triangle. It doesn't show the lines in the drawing. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. Ride

    Undo issues

    Was there ever any resolve to this? I've been having this happen a lot lately. VW2016 Architect SP4 Mid-2015 Macbook Pro AMD Radeon R( M370x 2048MB
  3. col37400, I agree with you 100%. Top/Plan makes a mess of presenting a decent plan view, but a 3D view rendering is no better. I haven't tried a plan section, but maybe I will now - but I do see a lot of "fixing-up" on the viewport to show all the elements I need to show. Just for information, my work involves custom kitchens and commercial millwork.
  4. I use a Biesse machine, and we export from VW to DXF, then use an automatic import function to bring the geometry into Biesseworks. I would assume most CNC control software would have similar, if not better capability than Biesseworks. For us, doing cabinet work, we create the cabinets parts and other basic parts right in Biesseworks, and only draw the more complex curved stuff and import it.
  5. Thanks for the response. What baffles me is that it is taking YEARS to get this software up to speed. Certainly they had advance warning of the change to 64 bit. I admit the ideas of custom parts and dynamic editing are great, but why so long to implement? Either way....I'll keep watching. I'm just not giving them any more of my money until the software is essentially complete.....
  6. How is the rest of interiorcad? The last I used is 2015 but it was so bad I decided to abandon it altogether. It was a terrible piece of unfinished software. Is it any better in 2016?
  7. Woodychips, I don't have XG-opening triangles class either. Maybe specific to certain version? Or is it a setting somewhere?
  8. I wasn't aware that interiorcad 2016 was now available. But honestly, they've been working on this "new workflow" for years. I haven't seen any real commitment from extragroup to move interiorcad forward. Vectorworks has made great strides since 2014, so for us we've abandoned interiorcad altogether. Right now it's not worth the trouble to try to use. Post up if there are some new updates/releases to 2016 that make it useable all of the sudden.
  9. JimW - essentially you are correct, but there could be a lot of different geometries to which machining information would need to be assigned which can be very time consuming. Jim Smith - is your client using layer names to assign machinings to the geometry? Names such as "TCHW0B1TC0PT0D1300TCD$TOOLNAME$IT0IA0OT0OA0"? If you implement the layers names and then use "automatic import" when bringing in the dxf's then most of the machining will be assigned (though there is generally some small bit of tweaking before running the file).
  10. I have the same problem, and my title block is not a symbol. It seems the only fix is to restart the computer. It happens to me about once every week or so, but I can't find a common series of events that cause it.
  11. I have the same problem, and my title block is not a symbol. It seems the only fix is to restart the computer. It happens to me about once every week or so, but I can't find a common series of events that cause it.
  12. I have the same problem, and my title block is not a symbol. It seems the only fix is to restart the computer. It happens to me about once ever week or so, but I can't find a common series of events that precipitate it.
  13. I use vectorworks to export DXF files to Biesseworks every day. Biesseworks is awful. A big red flag should have gone up when I was researching the purchase of our CNC machine, and Biesse's software required Windows XP to run. Apparently it won't run on any later versions of windows. I'm not saying that every other CNC manufacturer uses better software, but it certainly can't be worse. It feels like Biesse didn't want to outsource their software development to a company that can actually create software and tried to do it all in-house. So I have to agree with Jim's statement above. If you're ever feeling down about vectorworks, try Biesseworks!
  14. Hmmm. I don't think it can be done. I vaguely recall trying to get this to work years ago, but as I recall it wasn't possible. But I might be wrong, and if you find a way to make this work please post it up. As a side note, in my opinion 2014 was the last usable version of InteriorCAD. If you ever get the itch to move to 2015 I suggest you really give the trial versions a workout before you commit.
  15. Why not group the wall and the cabinets? Then you can see only what you want while you edit, then exit and ungroup.
  16. This happens to me all the time. And it is annoying....
  17. Sorry. Extracting the face, and unfolding that did work, but it placed the unfolded geometry way off the screen. I didn't notice it until I hit command+6. Then I found a bunch of them! Ha. Nice little trick Vectorworks......
  18. Hi All. I'm trying to unfold the face of this object. It's an angled and curved front of a banquette, and I would like to unfold it so I can cut out the proper shape of veneer required to apply to the curved face. I've tried simply unfolding which doesn't work, and I've also extracted the face and then tried to unfold that. It didn't work either. I suspect the shape is not "unfold-able"? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks VW2015 architect macbook pro 2.6 GHz i7
  19. When it happens for me, I don't get far enough to select a location. And no network...
  20. I have the same problem, though it's not consistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If I can get a repeatable condition I'll post back, but just wanted to add my name to the list for this bug. VW2015 SP1 macbook pro 2.6GHz, i7
  21. I regularly switch my drawing units from inches (1/16" precision) to millimetres (1mm precision). Unfortunately the dimensions on my SLVP's do not always accept the selected precision, or they change randomly. I generally have to go into almost all my viewports, select all the dimensions and manually re-set the precision before printing. Any thoughts? Is this happening to anyone else? This has been happening for me for at least 2 previous versions (2011, and 2012). Thanks VW 2015 Architect Macbook Pro 2.6, I7 NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 20148MB
  22. Did this always happen and I never noticed? When I choose the rectangle tool and input the X and Y dimensions and 'position at next click' is selected, when I press enter on the keyboard I get an error beep. If I press 'OK' to exit the dialogue box, no beep. Both 'enter' and 'return' keyboard inputs result in a beep. Why is it beeping at me? I have 'use sound' off in the preferences. WV 2015 Macbook Pro, 2.6 GHz, I7 16GB ram NVIDIA GeForce GT750M 2048MB
  23. The instructions given earlier are correct. You're just going to have to try it. Make a front view viewport of the whole model. This will get placed on a sheet layer. Then create a section viewport through the viewport, looking down. You will get the plan section you're looking for. Then crop it as needed.....
  24. In order to help you....I need to know if you know the difference between a viewport, and a section viewport. If you're not sure, let me know so we can move forward. Try this: select : modify>create section viewport. Draw the section line from in front of the bench left to right, then double-click in the direction you want to see. A dialogue box will open....you can accept the defaults for now. It will place a section viewport onto a sheet layer, looking at your bench. Did it work?
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