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  1. I am worried because I cant not export any section viewport , even I set all advanced parameters in Finite options. I cant not any dwg export
  2. Please: I am using Vector 12.5 and I want make a question :How could I insert doors and windown with caps in door in wall or windows in wall, because there arent any preference for it. Then it is neccesary insert all and edit only in object info one by one, being that very tedious. Thanks Ricasha
  3. I would like to know how can I import the complete classes from a file to another. Thanks. Ricasha
  4. Thank you, I find it. I Appreciatte Ricasha
  5. I would like to know if are there any way to stamp any symbol with sequential number, for instance all the urbatization lots. Thanks Ricasha
  6. Thanks a lot I did and it was succesful Ricasha
  7. I would like to know how do I could erase or purge the recent files list fron the files tab. Thanks Ricasha
  8. I would like to know how do I could erase or purge the recent files list fron the files tab. Thanks Ricasha
  9. I never have attempted to the freedom of VWA , by the opposite, the folder and sub folder at the sheetlayer is a way to look more alternative for more people who like us the software. In other way if we are using this software is because it is confortable, consecuently noboby must not order use a cad program. Thanks.
  10. I am agree with you. Would be the possibilities of work all disciplines such as MEP and architectural plans in one file or depending the complexity of the project may be in several files by working reference command in several files.
  11. yes, but when the project is short I wouldn't use workgroup referencing. Beside, sometime a person wants to do all in one file due the maneagibilities of a project,
  12. I am totally agree with you . Finally I found compression and a person who understood me. That's is. May be a project must keep the architectural plans, mechanical , electrical, structural, landscaping in a single file, using a single and common plan generical in order to low the file size. Thank you.
  13. The VW documents are not Cad Drawings, but this is the unique way to undersatnd the concept of viewports in VW. Excuse me but you are totally lost , because you are confused with the design layers with the sheets layer. That are different.
  14. It is true , but I didn't say layers folders. I have said Sheet Layers Folders ( that is different) The sheet layers through Vector 11 allow us make viewports like a paperspace of a cad drawing. So, it is very important classify our works as the kind like architectural, mechanical, electricals, etc. Thanks
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