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  1. Pekka


    Thanks to all! I think that I will get as powerful machine I can get, based on AMD processor as fast I can afford... Video card issue is interesting, it seems to me that only some high end (and expensive) rendering/animation programs can get the most out of the latest video cards. I have to give it a thought or two...or buy some good games! Pekka
  2. Hi to all! How can I get HPGL2 print files out of VW for Windows? Do I need some extra software and what would that might be? PR "Every morning is a beginnig of a new error."
  3. Pekka


    quote: Originally posted by Tim G4: For starters, you need a Piii for high end rendering (renderworks and the lightworks raymaker will not work on anything else). Go for the quickest processer you can find (anything above 700mhz should be fine), and lots of RAM. A 32meg video card is also a good idea, Thanks Tim, are You sure that P3 or P4 is the only answer? How about AMD Athlon or TB? I am thinking about 800-1000 mhz CPU, 512 megs of RAM and a Geforce 2 GTS Ultra video card with 64 megs memory. But RIMM memory modules aren?t cheap and P4 won?t work without... PR
  4. Hi to all! I asked this before in landscape section, but I ask the same thing here too... The question is about an "optimal" computer for VW for Windows. I will get a new computer soon and I should give some information on what kind of computer I need. So I am interested in the CPUs and their speed, amount of RAM, display adapters and so on. What is enough for fluent work? I do landscape designs and I need DTMs and I am very much going for 3D designs and maybe some modeling etc. My present computer has difficulties in for example DTM cut and fill operations and printing could be faster (I print some test print outs with my desktop Canon bubblejet). I haven?t really even tried to do any 3D models yet. PR
  5. Pekka


    Hi! What is enough for fluent use of VW for Windows? I mean the computer?s resources like CPU speed, amount of RAM, display adapter etc. I will get a new computer in the near future and I would be pleased to have some ideas about what kind of computer is good. I have noticed that some tasks like DTMs are too much for my present computer and printing is very slow (I print some pictures with my desktop A3-size Canon bubblejet printer). PR


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