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  1. Oi! Now I'm getting the same problem. The little blue square that normally sits at the junction of the leader arm with the shoulder has disappeared, and no resize arrow appears. This is a new problem, since I updated perhaps? Help, I need to get this plan finished and sent out. --alchemilla VW2008 Windows XP Dell Inspiron 6400
  2. Matt, I know this topic is old now, but I discovered that I only had this problem when I used 'no outline'. If I used one or more outlines, the circles massed like they were supposed to, with no rogue circles popping up at the end. Doesn't sound logical, I know, but it worked. Give it a go. --alchemilla VW 12.5.1 Windows XP SP2 on Dell Inspiron 6400
  3. The loft tool...don't know that one yet. Will fiddle. And yes, you're right, islandmon, my vertices WEREN'T meshed after all. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hello, 3-D newbie here. I drew 3 NURB curves, made sure they were closed (connected), then tried to create a surface from the Power Pack. No go: "Surface cannot be created from curve network." I tried composing them into one NURB curve, but got the same message. Is there some requirement I am failing to meet?
  5. That makes sense I suppose. Okay, pdf. Will just the sheet layer do? Any suggestions on what dpi for a 1:200 planting plan? The detail is fairly small. Thanks AGAIN Darrell, what would I do if you weren't online?
  6. My questions never end.... : I emailed an exported dwg version of my sheet layer to the printers. Everything prints well except the plant list, which is missing, except for a slightly greyed area where it should be. What gives? This project is due today, so I am grateful for any help!
  7. I see, Petri. Technical v. sketch. My inked drawings usually fulfilled both criteria. Pretty, but readable by a contractor. I just need more time with VW I guess.
  8. I guess because I don't know how to use it well yet. I imagine everything having that computer generated look. I have been an ink and graphic marker girl for a long time now, so it is with some sorrow that I go CAD. I am sure to be far more efficient though. So I hope. Okay, I'm sold on the manual. Will order today-- Thanks Darrell
  9. Thanks Petri and Jonathan- I managed to create a simple triangle (that's what I use to represent vines and climbers) and get it into the plant symbol offerings. What if I drew something in Adobe Illustrator? Or drew a symbol in charcoal on paper than scanned it? That's what I want to try next. I will probably be purchasing your manual, Jonathan, because the VW help is almost rubbish. I had a trial version of Turbocad 12 for a few weeks and the manual was soooo much clearer to newbies.
  10. AS instructed by VW Help, I opened the Libraries\Defaults\Plants - 2D Symbols\2DPlantSymbols.mcd file and drew a plant symbol (should I set this document to the same scale and units first?). I drew my symbol and selected it. I went to Modify/Create symbol. Now VW Help says I am supposed to save it to the 'root folder of the resource browser'. But when I click File/Save as..., I am not offered that choice. There is one called pdf resources, but the instructions clearly state not to save it in a folder. Please advise. I hope this question is not quite so idiotic as my last post
  11. Thanks guys, I've got the hang of it now. Just being a newbie know-nuthin' -- apologies.
  12. Two complaints 1. The default font and size seems to be to a huge and groovy font (Alba matter, must have come off a 1972 record album cover), so for every plant grouping, I have to go in, select it and change the text. I tried selecting nothing, and checking the font I want, thinking this would set the new default, but no joy. 2. Can't I shorten the distance between the text and the 'joint'? I'm required to do this drawing at 1:200, and so it is really tight getting all the tags in. 3. I would prefer the tag text to appear at the center of the line, not above it, but text/alignment/center seems to have no effect on tags. Any comments anyone? Is there an attributes area to standardize ALL tags? Thanks- alchemilla
  13. Thanks everyone, this had been enlightening. Late last night I imported the Autocad file three times into 3 different documents: one with document units set to mm, one set to cm, one set to m. I then measured a doorway and the one that matched reality (doorways are 800mm, not 80m) was my answer. The scale command was a useful lesson however. Next time I will look for the 'determine automatically' thingy. Thanks
  14. Sorry, I meant the units. How can you determine the units of an Autocad drawing? My drawing is about 1000x too big. Perhaps they used metres and I entered millimetres. Sfatelier, sorry I didn't mean to steal your question! Is there nothing similar in model space, where you can double the dimensions of all objects in the drawing?
  15. Peter: can you tell me how to determine the scale of an Autocad drawing before import? I suppose I could ask the sender, but they're gone for the weekend now.
  16. Thanks Peter, that may be the problem. I also just found this podcast tutorial that may help sfatelier too: http://web.mac.com/jpickup1/iWeb/Site/Podcast/58A96115-AA8D-4533-8578-163BE596A9C6.html Looks like the dimensions of the entire drawing can be changed with a click. Thanks!
  17. I am having the opposite problem. I imported a .dwg file from a colleague and the dimensions are for giants. A doorway is 27 metres across, etc. in the design layer. The sheet layer is fine, prints out at 1:200 with proper dimensions. HOw can I fix this? Can I proportionally change the dimensions of the entire file? Thanks! --alchemilla
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