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  1. I tried using a new file and creating a label legend from scratch but am having the same problems still. I wonder if it is a version problem as I am running 10.5 now. JIM
  2. Not to let this topic slip thru the cracks, but I just installed VW 10.5 and it looks like the same problem is there, maybe worse than before. Jim
  3. When I insert a unit # into the dialog box for a light it comes up as the correct font on the screen but it is missing it's style, ie BOLD. I know it's assigned to the correct label legend, and I know Unit # is bold in that legend as well, but I have no idea why it won't display on an object. I'm running 10.5 on Windows XP and am trying using GraphiteLite and Gilsans. Thanks
  4. Sorry I didn't explain myself well enough but I understand that is what is checked under preferences. The wierdness is that I can no longer snap to anything within that group, only to stuff outside of it while in group edit. However, when I turn off "show other items" I can snap correctly to anything in the group again.
  5. Regardless of the reduced file size, the creation time is horrendous. I've spent 20 minutes waiting for a section to created when acrobat 5 did this sort of process in about 1 minute. So, is this a VW compatibility issue since I haven't noticed it with any other programs.
  6. One other thing I noticed that crashed the program was trying to convert something to a position while in group edit. Is this just a huge spotlight bug or what?
  7. While I'm talking about groups I also found another oddity. When I'm in group edit and am showing items that aren't in the group, I can snap to those other objects but not to anything within the group. It's makes editing with that view almost useless. Jim
  8. I am trying to insert a lighting object while in a group(ie the entire position is a group) and VW Spotlight keeps crashing giving me a runtime error. I'm running 10.1.2 on Windows XP. Thanks Jim
  9. As I remember when this happened to us, it was a print setting in the print dialog box that had to be checked. I'm not at a place where I can look at it bit it was the top option when you go to print. If I get to the office today I will report back. Jim
  10. I too have noticed the increased time it takes to print a pdf which seems strange to me. On a Mac it has become faster and easier which is not what I'm used to at all. On large files it might take 15 minutes to produce a pdf and that is still after adjusting settings to the lowest possible file size. I assumed this was just an Adobe problem but now that I've had it installed for a while there doesn't seem to be a time difference with other programs. Could this be a Vectorworks issue? Or rather an Adobe/Vectorworks issue.
  11. Sorry I started all this. I have no problem using VW worksheets and no problem using excel. Both seem to have there places. Since my company was doing dimmer rack schedules in Excel and we needed them on our drawing set we just took the Excel file and pasted it in. My question was why it pasted differently on the Mac vs. the PC, that's all. Thanks everybody. Jim
  12. I'm running 10.1.2 on an XP home machine. I just noticed that when I paste an excel file into VW from a Mac it imports as lines and text but when I follow the same sequence on the PC it imports as a bitmap. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Any thoughts?
  13. Adobe PDF is the default printer in Vectorworks. I had a feeling that may have been part of the problem since I just installed Acrobat 6.0 yesterday before these problems started happening. I changed my default printer and that seemed to clear things up. Thanks. Jim
  14. I am running VW10.1.2 with Windows XP Home. As of yesterday, everytime I try to open a second file in VW, whether I've closed the previous one or not, I get a runtime error and the program shuts down. It doesn't matter which file I try to open, they all seem to crash the system. Any thoughts? My guess is I'll probably have to reinstall but since I'm on the jobsite for the next month I'm away from my CD of the program so I'm hoping it's another issue. Thanks.
  15. I noticed that Acrobat 6.0 lists as one of it's features the ability to manipulate layers from AutoCAD and Visio created PDF's. I was wondering whether or not VW was thinking about supporting this? Jim
  16. I also thought I might mention that I was working on a plot with a similar problem, but the file size was an outrageous 15MB when I started so I assumed that was what was slowing it down. But as I continued to trim stuff off the plot for file size reasons I realized there was another problem. When I got down to about 2.5MB on that file I noticed that there were some slow downs when redrawing especially when certain symbols or objects were on the screen. For example we had this striplight symbol with some text in it. When I looked at the text it didn't have any font selected although it looked like our default text and when I changed to font so it was the default text the redrawing/scrolling problems got better. It also occured with some other text that was doing the same thing and some simple circles(although that may have been a text thing as well, I'm not sure) I know this other plot that I'm having problems with now has some of those same issues and I think I've fixed most of them but it's a big plot so I can't be sure without checking all of text, which is probably what I'll do today since I got the file open after an hour of waiting. Sorry for the long explanation. Jim
  17. There actually aren't in 3-D elements to it. It's a fairly simple lighting plot and section and it's only 2.5 MB which is what confuses me about it. Thanks for the response. Jim
  18. I am having trouble opening a file in Vectorworks that I recently converted from 9.5. I click on it and the file begins to open it and then it sits there for 20 minutes or so and then will either open it, or it stops responding and I get fed up and try again. I have also noticed that while I am in the file it has a significant slow down while redrawing after zooming or exiting a group. I am running Spotlight 10.1 on a Windows XP Home P-III 750 Mhz with 384 MB of RAM. Thanks.
  19. I am running Vectorworks 9.5.2 on a 850Mhz PC with Windows XP and 384M of RAM. I am trying to import a 7 megabyte .dwg file and continue to get a runtime error almost instantly after I start the import. I don't get a options screen or anything. VW just quits. This is repeatable on other CPU's and also on a Macintosh running 9.5.3 and OS 10. Any advice. Thanks in advance.
  20. BTW, I'm using VW 9.5 and Windows XP
  21. Occasionally when I open a file, Vectorworks seems to get stuck reading the file and never moves on to verifying it. It happens on larger files generally and can be fixed by rebooting the system most of the time.
  22. Why can't you scroll when using the circuiting tool in Architect? I'm using a G3 Mac.
  23. If I exported to 8,would I lose any of the architect features I had in the document?
  24. I'm having trouble when I go to change an object pen color or fill color from class style to any other style because when I click on either option, Vectorworks gives me an abnormal program termination message. Any suggestions.
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