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  1. Jon, So you would use a layer for RCP, and then turn it off for all other VP's?
  2. I am getting used to the heliodon tool and the 'set sun position' view. Is there a way to have the local sun position set to light the building so it is at local angles and can be adjusted as in the helidon tool (Heliodon tool is an Australian Add-On I think??). Thanks for any feedback...
  3. Newbie question - What is the most efficient way to produce reflected ceiling plans? I am thinking create a VP, turn off unwanted item and 'annotate' the ceiling details into the VP? Is there a better or standard way?
  4. C'mon Petri, Like Hotel California, you can log out but you could never leave...Where else would you get the kudos you get here?
  5. I am having crashes which cause my workspace to crash, the OIP takes up the whole screen etc. The modname is vectorworks.exe and the ofset is 002c2fbb. I am using an old version of Quicktime (7.0.2) as I found the newer one was causing a different corruption. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks,
  6. Surely though with the majority of users employing more RAM it isn't that slow... and surely we know what wez want...?
  7. Cipes- You are a font, a wealth of knowledge. Grateful thanks,
  8. I am doing some concept drawings of a multilevel carpark and need a way to draw the ramp slabs between levels... What is the easiest way to go about this? Thanks,
  9. That's interesting... I have given it a go and I get the concept... what do you still use them for?
  10. Thanks Cipes... What did you have before? HOw was 3D controlled before 'Stack Layers'?
  11. I think it's AutoCad that has an 'expert' mode which prompts a lot less. Why does VW prompt ask if you want to rerender when that's what you've just asked it to do?
  12. Ok, what I am trying to grasp is this- Why can't stack layers be automatically set to on... when do you need them off? What work do you do with stack layers off?
  13. Why does renderworks have the stack layers command. Isn't a given that if I want to see a number of layers in 3d I'd want them to be stacked? Or, is there a reason I may want to have them unstacked? Is there a VS or PIO that makes the toggle automatic, or a setting that would toggle stack layers to 'on'? Thanks
  14. Is there a setting or pio that stops the prompt asking if I want to render the object again eg when changing views using hidden line rendering? Thanks,
  15. I have set up a file and find that when switching between iso and top/plan the new view has zipped away and I need to reset origin to 'find' it again. I'm guessing the origin is set incorrectly and I am asking how to reset the 3d origin to match plan view... Thanks
  16. Is file size increased when favourite files are added to the resource browser, or are these items referenced from files on computer? ie. if you downloaded every favourite file possible, what effect would it have on the system eg. slowing it down or making file size impractical?
  17. I have been using Netscape and it was fine, but I changed to IE7 and failed to set as default.
  18. Thanks Katie, I found the problem, I didn't have IE as my default browser, and so it couldn't use it to display files. Thanks for your help.
  19. Do you mean to reinstall VW completely? And how do I trash the preference file? Thanks
  20. That is where my help file is located. Does anyone know why I'm getting that message, and/or can I get the address of the Help files on the web, please. Many thanks,
  21. I get a message saying - Make sure "VW Help" folder is in the same folder as the application. I can see the Help folder, but, could you confirm which folder it should be in, please.
  22. Can I ask did you solve the problem. I have the same symptoms.
  23. If you mean deleting VW program for a complete reinstall and you are using windows xp go to: Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Vectorworks > Remove This will uninstall all VW programs. If this is not helpful because you are on a mac etc. list your operating system (i.e. XP, vista, mac etc) and the version of VW your using. Hope this helps,
  24. I'd actually forgotten the word 'ignoramus'. It's a good one. Although the plural is 'Ignoramusi'. LOL No harrrrd feelings and there,there, big fellah. And greetings from Down Under. I think I am the only Aussie ignoramus that PetriDish will have to ignore. (And.he.is.not.seeing.this.entry.anyway.as.he.is.visiting.his.sister.and .has.just.found.out.he.can.ignore.aussies.and.californians.) Anyway, PetriDish, I come in peace, and all is forgiven. Best Regards, Simon
  25. Thanks Katie, Wonderful news. Thanks for this great function, editing out unwanted 'help'. Apart from Petri, your forum is far superior than any I have used with Autocad and other programs (And there's a Petri on every discussion group, it's just one of the negatives). Keep up the excellent work.
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