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  1. I have VW Australia and New Zealand and I think it's gret value. The Heliodon tool for sun studies is great, and Windoor, it worth it's weight in gold. We also get Custom colour which has all Australian paint company colours. Plus the exchange rate is a bit of a cripple. We just need Animation Works thrown in...
  2. I am doing a series of sun studies and want to lock in the viewport so it keeps the view, time of day and date for sun exposure, and doesn't update. I found that if I had 6 of them at different times and they then want to update they all go to the current time and date setting. Is it best then, to lock the VP or would it be better to do a Render Bitmap viewport,or is there another way? How much memory does the RBT save roughly? Thanks
  3. So, if I just choose the compression from the animation drop down menu it should be successful? I can't seem to get any to work other than 'Animation' (which turned a 90 second animation into 1.01gig or 'Video' (which was compressed to about 90Meg but bad quality). To use sorensen or h264 do you need any other software? I just got error messages or worse, a shut down of OS. Thanks,
  4. I have had a tough time experimenting with animation compression and was wondering if there is a place to find the facts... the manual says to check QT help but I can't find much there. Example of my problem... I try to compress using h264 but just get a fuzz...am I missing some software other than QTime or are my settings wrong? Any help is appreciated.
  5. I am asking is there a way to make a angled brick sill look like a row of bricks rather than a brick wall on it's side (i.e. so every second brick doesn't have a 'perp' crossing it). I am trying to make it look as it would when built... Thanks
  6. Windoor is fantastic, it has to be one of the best time saving additions to VW. I am in Australia and VW ships with Windoor, but the other day I mistakenly used the door tool and was shocked at the difference. Windoor is well worth getting.
  7. In this case though, there were no layer links in the original, but layer links had appeared and were attributed to the original file. This seems to be if you update the WGR while stack layers is engaged in the original, then it reads this as a linked layer in the WGR and to fix it you need to go back and unlock the LL and delete the duplicated items.
  8. Do you mean that if they aren't 'filled' they can't be rendered? Can you convert a Autocad file if it is not 'filled'?
  9. I have imported 3 WGR's and linked the layers, unlocked and then grouped so I can manipulate a number of condos around a site. I have a problem when I update the WGR and I get a message that says- "A Layer link has been removed from the referenced layer "NAME OF LAYER" as these are not supported here." and the layer linked WGR disappears. I have isolated it to having the original files in 'Stack Layer' mode when reloading the WGR, and I just need to confirm if this is right, or, what I can do to avoid it. Thanks,
  10. I have been given a 3D Autocad file that I'm am trying to adjust and then render with textures etc. I have tried all the info in the manuals but have not had a win. Is there a work-around that is successful? Thanks
  11. That works well, Thanks for the heads up, Simon
  12. I have a project where there are a number of condos/townhouses on a site. I want to position some at various angles to gain better solar access or to fit them on the site. I am trying to rotate multiple layers together. I have been using 'Rotate 3D objects' a layer at a time, however the 2D objects don't rotate and I have to reposition them manually. I have tried to link the layers and rotate them, but can't make it work. Am I missing something as I follow the manual, or is there another way to approach this? Thanks,
  13. On a related topic, I installed the update to Quicktime, and got a message when opening VW that I could anticipate problems because I no longer had the QT that was shipped with VW. I ignored the warning and did have crashes until I rolled back to the old version (QT 7.0.2) Does this mean I can never update QT?
  14. Wishing for a semi-auto dimension, whereby a line passing over a top plan will find dimensions for all points touched. I think Archi-something has a system where you can do this. A dialogue box with the types of items to dimension could also be added.
  15. Is it connected through a USB or pin connection? I have had problems but when I changed to USB it was fine.
  16. Thanks Robert, The 3D reshape tool works well.
  17. Sorry this post timed out on me, so I retyped it. It's only now that I see it actually did post, without me confirming contents. Apologies.
  18. Is there a way make a neater job of the tops of tilt up panels as they meet at perpendicular wall junctions? Is there a way to embed them into the roof face so they look more attractive in 3D? Any feedback is appreciated?
  19. What is the best way to make a neat job of the tops of tilt up panels that are on perpendicular walls. I find the wall junctions are messy and don't handle meeting the next wall and fitting to the roof very well. Is there a way to set the tops of the walls to the angle of the roof? Or a way to embed them into the roof face so they have a neater look in 3D? Any feedback is appreciated...
  20. Here is the skinny from Julian Carr for creating a circular window... It used to be possible in a very old version of WinDoor, but this is no longer the case for some technical reasons. For the next version I have worked out a way to add them back - both round and oval. In the mean time, here is how you can create one: 1. Draw a circle with desired outer diameter. Duplicate it in place, then reduce the radius in the Obj Info palette by your frame thickness (40mm?). 2. Select both circles and choose Clip Surface from the Modify menu. 3. Switch to a Front view and position the circles at the desired Z level. Select the outer clipped circle and extrude to the wall thickness (100mm?). This will give you the frame. Select the inner circle and extrude to a 6mm thickness for the glass. 4. Switch to a Top/Plan view and align the glass where you want it in the frame. 5. Insert a WinDoor object and create window that looks how you want the 2D components to look. Choose Convert to Group from the Modify/Convert menu. Align this group and the 3D bits you just created. 6. Select both 2D and 3D bits then choose Create Symbol, etc. Place in wall in desired location. HTH, And thanks Julian
  21. IS there a way to insert doors into curtain wall, or do you have to insert door and then arrange curtain wall on left, right and above? BTW I am using VW Architect Australia. Many thanks,
  22. Is there a Industrial Roller Door that come with VW, or does anyone know the location of one?
  23. I'm using Windows (so it's probable it's not the same crash) but I found the same thing after a Quicktime update... I had to roll back to the former version and the problem was solved.
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