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  1. I'm not sure if this is what you want...if you just want a 'flat' sort of 2d extrude, try this. Highlight all Convert to polygons (Click Wireframe in prompt box) Double click to edit group Extrude Exit Group I did it with your download and it worked, however I extruded it 2-4" before it was visibly extruded.
  2. I have tried quite a few work-arounds to be able to convert the ceiling grid tool to a 3D ceiling layout. I haven't been able crack it. The reason I want to do it is the client wants the ceiling tiles to run in the non-standard direction and I need to prove it is going to look funny (dumb). So, I just need an indication of how it would look.
  3. And as we all know the 13th of September is often known as 'Black Thursday'. Not this year, though.
  4. Thanks McLaugh, Good suggestion, I gave it a go. Thanks
  5. I have a client that has carpet on the wall up to the chair rail and painted drywall above the chair rail. I tried 2 walls stacked but I can't a window to insert then into the 2 walls (the window is to the floor). I just need to render it so he can see the effect so is there a way to split the render, or insert a window in to adjoining walls? Thank you
  6. Yeah Thanks Katie & Henry, I got it, i read it, I've been drolling. I learnt more but it was not enough. I just want more info... i.e. in what way will it be Autocad compatible and how do you rotate 2d view (how flexible) and whats an interactive Open GL shadow do and how is it interactive etc. etc.
  7. Petri, You second-guessed your mother again... And she had a lovely surprise for you but you didn't accept it. I think it's probably a case of Finland getting the mail last, not that it's a backwater or anything. NNA - congratulations on a classic reveal. What a class act! We can't wait for it! Please give us some more info... anything. Throw us a bone!
  8. Whoever's using Petri's log in without him knowing- get off and let Petri come back.
  9. Rape is involuntary actions forced upon you against your expressed will. Anyone who forks out and then calls out rape is bordering on the moronic. Susan, I think you had consensual purchase and a belated screaming 'RAPE' might be just a little dramatic. I'd make the best of your evil situation and enjoy the product. IF you're as passionate about design as your are angry about being raped I reckon you'll make up the dollars in no time. Otherwise email your address and I'll snail mail you 50 cents and you can ring someone who cares. It just won't be my number you'll be calling.
  10. The psychology behind Petri's tantrums is to make his comments as outlandish as possible, so that then he can say anything and the mob won't really know if he is serious or just carrying on like a head with its chicken cut off. My guess is he is thinking he can always fall back on his default excuse...'Ha Ha I was joking and you didn't get it, so the jokes on you.' This may be backfiring on the Finn because he seems to be developing credibility issues within this forum and some are seeing him as an anachronism of Ignatian proportion.(Is this a word Jan?) His comments dilute the good he does, or could do, and, sadly leave him a crumpled and disparate figure in a sea of VW hope and optimism. We love you, Petri. How's about a hug? Anyway, I got fences to mend, tractors to lecture and ducks to recalibrate, so I must away, gentlemen. (Dramatic swosh as I turn on my heel)
  11. Just a word on the service from Ozcad... Julian is an extremely patient, dedicated workaholic who answers enquiries even on the weekend. His answers are always spot on and he has an amazing knowledge on proriferal subjects as well. Try to get a similar standard from AutoCad and it will cost $10 a minute charged to your credit card.I reckon VW Australia is really good value, especially as I read the forum and watch non-Australians grapple with window and door problems, and other enquiries that I, as a novice have the answers to, thanks to the Australian package.In addition, there are 15 or 20 tutorials that come with various versions of VW that fully explain all the Aussie add-0ns.
  12. Have you tried to use VW architect without WinDoor? Have you tried to make a window look like an Australian window without Stegbar products etc.? Have you tried to make a combination unit door/window without WinDoor? What about Australian-styled handrails? Hard without the add-on. How good is the Heliodon tool? I reckon, in the Australian market, VW could buy and sell ArchiCad a few times over.
  13. Miss, I feel that Question 1 was said by Petri because Petri's speciality is picking on the unchangeable. The fact that the individual is 'congenitally' challenged fits in with Petri's style. BTW, I didn't know we had to write an essay about each answer...
  14. C'mon Jan15, Surely youre not going to post mortem the exam one question per post... Let's get the results out there.If I did poorly, I'm fully prepared to go back and do my Doctorate of Petri, with the thesis, 'Petri and His Diachromatic Postings on CAD improvement from the Helsinki Perspective and the insultation of the International VW community with the exception of Finland'. Regards
  15. Miss, Miss, I finished the exam. My answers are: Petri for all except 4,8,10,13,14,19,21.
  16. Petri, Congratulations on your adoption of Aussie speak... Good On Ya Mate!
  17. I guess like the guy who drank marine varnish... he died... but he had a great Finish.
  18. Man, I haven't read the one about the Netherlands being a 'technological backwater'... that's pretty rich considering Petri's COO. I thought it was the Netherlanders who took some wheelbarrows to Germany and made their own country with the dirt they brought back. Since then haven't they sort of lead technology in not a few areas? Didn't they make those big fans that are all over their country? Didn't they make orange carrots? So, if Amsterdam is in her own technological middle ages, I can suddenly understand why Petri thinks the USA, Russia, Australia, South Africa and the rest of the world is so backward. I guess no one can hold a candle to Finland because of the soon to be released 'PetriCad 1.0'. 'Fair enough, people, back to work.'
  19. To Jan15, Don't be tricked by the new and improved Petri...this is part of his merchandising plan and subsequent world domination of the CAD industry. He is softening us and then POW! we are his... He is a fox. Regards dontevenjoke.
  20. I read in "Re:VectorScript objects and IFC" that Petri called VW - VectorToyWorks. I nearly had a coronary. Horrified! Fancy calling VW- "VectorToyWorks" when he is self-proclaimed ArchDemiGod of all VW knowledge, Lord of Plug-In, the Extremely Reverend Cardinal of Vectorscript and Deity of the Troubleshoot. Shame, Shame, Shame, Petri. What a tragic waste. This is high treason, blasphemy and a wicked heresy, and all worshipers of VectorWorks should unite against this apostasy. How could a man who has contributed so much now turn "and bite the hand..."? NNA is the mothership, and now this vicious attempt at matricide on the grand dame!! Say it isn't true Petri, how could you turn on your mom? Looking on the bright side, I prophecy that in the coming months sectarianism will flourish and we will see the birth of 'PetriCad 1.0 (The Final Release)', a perfect cad program that will never need updating or improvement. The only down side is the provided discussion forum will actually only have one contributor, although all posts will be positive, and the moderator will be completely happy with all his own comments. Anyway, time to hitch the horses, untie the hounds, feed the swine, lance the sheep's boils, polish the cattle and away, gentlemen.(exit stage left with dramatic swinging of cape over shoulder). (or.at.least.go.and.visit.Petri's.sister.somewhere.in.the.snow. who.knows.oh.how.I.miss.these.comments.of.petri's) P.S. Petri, am I still on your ignore list? =(
  21. Thanks Mike, they look great. Your instructions were good too, and I am well on the way to replicating your great symbols. Thanks for taking the time to help the rookies...
  22. Horizontal metal or timber slats that tilt to control light...What are they called in the US? And when we work out what theyre called, would anyone have any idea where I might find them in a 3d symbol?
  23. I am looking for venetian blinds and drapes to add to interior renderings. I have searched around but can't find any as yet. Do you know of any? Many thanks,
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