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  1. To find the workaround I just opened a new file to see if the roof command would change in it...It opened at a non metric file but then when I tried my template file and a metric file it wouldn't work... I know...weird work around but true. The trouble is every time I want to adjust the roof I got to do this crazy dance! Hence my plea for help...
  2. When I try to create of change a Dutch Hip I get a message "Gable Inset Value is not valid". The only way I can get a result is to open it in a non metric file, change it using feet and inches and then copy it back into the drawing. Do you know why this is happening? Thanks,
  3. Every time I open a file the Distance Setting resets itself to 25 percent, and I have to manually set it to a distance of 0 or percent of 0. Does anyone know why this happens? Many thanks,
  4. Hi Tara, You don't have you OS, type of system or and hardware specs. on your post. I had a similar problem on Windows last week after an automatic update from Adobe Reader 9.4.? I rolled back the version and it went away. Hope this helps, Simon
  5. I have heard that Aussie stocks were to arrive on Friday, so delivery is soon.... I read what the rest of the world complains of on VW- the windows and doors PIOs being clunky, and the stairs, etc. and feel sorry for all the VW fraternity that doesn't have access to Australian content and add-ons. It's like the companies that take stock factory cars and hot them up... Ozcad adds so much more than the standard VW coming out of the 'factory'. I would recommend to anyone who wants to hot up their VW experience to purchase windoor and animation works and all the extra bells and whistles. Especially before the aussie dollar rises any more. Regards, Simon
  6. Here is some info from Australia's Ozcad (local distributor and developer). 64 Bit Windows While Vectorworks is fully supported in both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows environments, we generally recommend using a 64 bit Windows operating system for Vectorworks 2011. While Renderworks is fully supported in both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows environments, we strongly recommend using a 64 bit Windows operating system for Renderworks 2011, as it will take full use of 64 bit addressing. With those recommendations having been made, we have noticed that drivers for 64 bit Windows can be somewhat more problematic than those for the more mainstream 32 bit versions of Windows. Should you choose to run 64 bit Windows you should make sure that you carefully choose your hardware and driver versions to avoid problems.
  7. Cipes, Surely with a render engine that is reportedly 7 times faster it won't matter how hard or complex it is to render?
  8. Is there someone who can write a plug-in for it?
  9. Of course...thanks very much. Which also makes the combine roof face tool in 2011 an easy way to sort the junctions of ridges... Again thanks. Simon
  10. Is there a plug-in that allows a ridgecap to be added to roof ridges? ie a Ridge capping Tool? Or, is there a way to use the align plane tool to add a ridgecap? I want to show them in 3D views. Many thanks,
  11. Can I ask why VP's have to be updated manually? What is the benefit of having them un-updated? Is there a Plug-in that updates them automatically? Many thanks,
  12. I am looking for a texture/fill that replicates water colour convincingly within VW. Also, a fill that looks like felt pen... I have tried in Photoshop, but need it within VW so I can change it within the drawing. Many Thanks,
  13. Cipes or Ray Libby, Are you able to expand on your testimonials seen on the VW site?
  14. I am using a Lexmark Optra w810 printer and in PDF it doesn't print. It's as if it is in the viewport settings because when I copy it to another sheet it maintains the same behaviour.
  15. I have a problem I have been wrestling with. I have a TrueType font that is printing in all viewports except one. I have tried changing what I think has been every setting but can't get the text to print. I can see it, but it won't print. On all other viewports (which are on different sheets) the text prints. Can you help me out please? Many Thanks,
  16. Nothing like AC Impressions Ray... the watercolour has washed edges and looks like watercolour... Anyone else? Is it possible to import .irf textures from impressions to VW? Thanks again, Simon
  17. I have been using AutoDesk Impressions and like the watercolour effect fill it has... also the marker and pencil rendering fills are useful... While I have found the program is pretty useless... the fills look good. Is there an equivalent set of fills for VW? Or add-on etc? Thanks
  18. Just a quick question... Is the key to this extrude process- lining up the rotation as if your aiming along the ridge at the angle you want to extrude? And when you say it take 4 or 5 rotates to get the view, do you mean when you're positioning the extrude?
  19. Thanks Peter, Still working on it but that is great. Many Thanks again.
  20. Can I ask Peter, How you made the roof capping for this building seen above? I'm guessing they are extrudes but I can get mine to be positioned correctly and to look so neat. Thanks for any help...
  21. I thought I could control the angles, and depth of field better with a building, pergola etc as a 3d object. Also I can take 2 or 3 photos from different angles and use just 1 3ds. I just did a shopfront and was able to show the view of the awning etc., from each side and also front on.
  22. Hi, I am trying to show a client how a home addition will appear using a photo of his existing home and montage-ing a 3d VW image. What is the easiest and/or most effective way to do this? Thanks,
  23. I have found that it is the textures that aren't exporting with the 3d model when converting to 3ds. What can I do to export a 3ds as a textured 3d model? Many thanks Simon
  24. I am trying to import a VW-made .3ds file into Photoshop and it is completely black. I have tried a lot of lighting combinations but can't crack whether I am exporting out of VW wrongly or whether I need to import it differently into PS. (CS3 version 10) Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.Also, any tricks and tips on how best to export .3ds files would be great too. simon
  25. Thanks for the suggestions - it was wall components class in the viewport classes. Many thanks again, Simon
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