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  1. Hey all It seems as if my angle constraint tool is on the fritz, but I am sure its just operator error. The angle constraint will only allow me to draw a line at 30, 45, horiz, or vert. I have tried to shut the constraint off, but still acts like it is on. Is there a setting I am missing or...? Thanks in advance.
  2. ok maybe I will try that one. Thanks
  3. Ok, I have been trying to add my avatar since I joined this forum. I have had no such luck. I have read all the posts I could find on the issue but.... I have an account with photo bucket (like flickr, I think) that I use for other forums and I can add an avatar no problem. Maybe i am getting the URL wrong? I know this is petty but could someone please help me out with this?
  4. So what about objects in the Default Library. For instance, I have created a file with hatches that our office uses on a regular basis or detail symbols that we access through the resource browser. Would all those things need to be recreated?
  5. Currently I am using VW2008. I have certain setting via my vw plug-in editor, saved template files, and standards files that are specific to my offices needs. If I were to upgrade to 2009 would I have to redo all of my customizations?
  6. So would it be easier to put arrange the folders in the library, so I could access then through the resource browser or is there a better place for them to go?
  7. I am creating a standard details (i.e.-eve detail, footing detail,etc) library that our office can use on a regular basis. You know, so we don't have to keep drawing them over and over again. Could anyone give me some ideas on how to organize the library so we dont have to sort through hundreds of details? Thanks in advance.
  8. So if the above is the case, then doors, windows, walls, could just go in the class of "none" and the smaller components could go in there own specific classes. Is that right? BTW Thanks for your help.
  9. Well, it seems to me that if you were to have more of a layer based drawing. Then your classes would mainly consist of components, such as wall sheathing, wall frame, etc. Maybe?
  10. My thought is, that the first compound be either new, existing, Demo, component, etc. The reason is, when you are turning classes on and off, all you have to do is shift then select the classes which are all together in the navigation palette. This way you dont have to scroll down the entire list.
  11. I am developing class standards for our office. My question is, if I have compounded my classes (i.e. New-Wall-Int) with the first compound designating a main group, the second the object and so on. What is the best way to organize the embedded VW classes? (i.e. Sills, Ceiling Main, etc)
  12. I opened up a new file and did the test but unfortunately came up with the same result. I think your right, I will have to give tech a call. Thanks so much for all your help
  13. Well, I tried to edit an object using the attributes panel, but the hatching still remains black. A bug for me?
  14. I have started to use the Linear Material Tool. I like it, but all of the hatching is black and of course when one is using a black background the hatch cant be seen. Is there a fix for this?
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