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  1. Hi Katie,

    I've tried that option as well... I've also tried saving it in every available version of dwg, and dxf. with no success. I notice that in FormZ they can save their stuff down to a dwg. with no problem.... is it because FormZ isn't as acurate as VW?

  2. I too am a recovering AutoCad user that has finally returned to Vectorworks 12.5 but am in a position where I have to share files with the AC crowd. When I try to export my mcd. drawings which are rather large to begin with ( approx. 17mgs.) they end up being more like 64 mgs. when I'm finished. I tried converting everything to group and then ungrouping everything and deleting all the symbol, and resources. I purged all unused layers, symbols, classes, resources, etc. and end up with an enormous file (approx. 53mgs. ) that when exported to dwg ends up being more like 107 mgs.!!!

    I really need to get a handle on this as soon as possible cause the boss's patience is running thin.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  3. I will second Blink's frustration with the worksheet in VW 12.5

    I have spent the better part of two weeks trying to get this thing to just create a simple Bill of Materials and I finally ended up exporting what limited data I was able to create into an Excel document (separate by comas) and that enabled me to at least import the thing into a program that has some help features. You're right, if you're not an Alpha-Geek, there's no way you're going to figure this out on your own. I've heard the reference to that earlier release book by Janis Kent is supposed to be the only known written record of how to navigate this thing. Good luck and maybe someday the good folks at VW will spend some time imparting some of their well guarded knowledge on this topic.

  4. Hi Katie,

    I'm trying to use my records that I've attached to my symbols effectively in my worksheet, however i've discovered that the operators that are typical in Excel are apparently not the same in VW... so i'm having difficulty writing formulas.

    Is there a decent source for these formulas? The online help and the books pretty much give the same generalized info and it's not enough i guess.


  5. Hi, I'm floundering in my attempt to attach records to symbols in a meaningful manner. I have successfully attacched the records and even built some worksheets but the operators that VW uses are apparently not the same as Excel and I'm not having much luck finding anything beyond the briefest of info.

    Can somebody provide some light?

    Thanks, confused.gif


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