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  1. Tried the override you mentioned. Didn't seem to work as for me the first time. I will continue trying. So essentially what I am trying to do is have certain classes in a Viewport render as Hidden line while other layers render as Final Renderworks. For some reason thought that would be easier. Using a my 3D program (not C4D) that is quite simple to do. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello All, My question is... Can I render a drawing with several different render settings at the same time. For instance: Trussing and lighting symbols rendered in Hidden Line and at the same time video screens and set pieces rendered with textures? Thanks,
  3. Peter, Thanks, I tried that. Nothing is there when I Zoom. ken
  4. Hello Board, Does anyone know of a way to quickly determine what is assigned to a particular class. The reason I ask is because as I try to delete extra classes VW asks where to re-assign the objects attached to the class. I do not know what this object is it's asking about. ken
  5. I may have figured it out. I was able to finally get fill behind the text only after I set it to "Class Style" in attributes palette. Now I can set any color fill. Seems I had toggled something when I set to class style then back. Makes no sense. ken
  6. Jim, Thanks for the rapid response. As a test I created a new Spotlight document on my iMac running Sp2. Added 2 Trusses and 6 Hoists. I did not adjust any classes or layers. Just threw it all on a design layer. No fill on Hoist text. Then did the same procedure on my Macbook running Sp1 All the hoists came in with fill behind the text. Strange... I also compared all Prefs & settings between the 2 programs everything is the same. Thanks, Ken VW2016, Spotlight, Renderworks, Service Pack 1 & 2 15" MacBook Pro, Retina, OSX 10.11.1 really old 27" iMac, OSX 10.11.1
  7. Hello All, I have been working on some plots on my laptop using VW2016 sp1 w/RW. Installed the new 2016 sp2 on my home machine and noticed that in my rigging plot the hoist dims have no fill behind text. There is nothing I can do to place a white fill behind the hoist dims so the numbers are readable over grayed out truss layer underneath them. As a test, I saved what I had and re-opened the files on my laptop running 2016 sp1. and the text fill shows up. Seems to be an issue with Service Pack 2...? Has anyone else seen this? Ken VW2016, Spotlight, Renderworks, Service Pack 1 & 2 15" MacBook Pro, Retina, OSX 10.11.1 really old 27" iMac, OSX 10.11.1
  8. Doh, just reread your post again. You did mention NOT with textures.
  9. Thanks for the tip Michael... Tried it and it seems to work. Except when I put a texture on the polygon that I have converted to an area light. It still has luminosity but stops transmitting light to nearby objects. really just trying to simulate a projection screen or LED wall. I use Lightwave 3D for a lot of quick pretty renders of stages & sets. What I am trying to do is SO simple in LW3D. Kinda frustrating.
  10. Would really like to see a setting for textures to give them Luminosity. The actual surface would glow/cast light onto nearby objects. Also... Big one here... the ability to use movies as textures!!! Then could render an animation with a playing on a surface.
  11. Haven't really used the new Help at all. Just (begrudgingly) open the massive PDF manual and look it up. I agree with the option for printed manuals. I use a certain 3D program that did this before. You give them $100 & they sent manuals.
  12. Hi All, seems this problem has been around a while. Just got a MacBookPro and installed VW2008 on it. It's running 10.5.7 & VW2008 SP3 When I try to import a PDF file I get the error stating that my PDF Import plug is missing. Of course it is not missing. Funny enough, I have an old dual G4 desktop at home running OSX 10.4.11 and the same VW2008 SP3. It imports PDFs just fine. Is there a fix for this? and I just finished completely re-installing and updating VW still no luck.
  13. Is there any advanced Spotlight training available. I have already been thru the available training CD's. It seems that all the seminars are for Architect, Landmark and Machine Design. I noticed that there are classes coming up at LDI & USITT, but they aren't until this fall. The only trainers in my area are Architectual. any ideas? thanks in advance, KDelvo
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