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  1. Fudge thank you the code. I will give it a shotwhen I become more proficient with VS. Thanks again
  2. Since the stair PIO topic is alive, I would like to add that the stair pio handrails need to havean option to be offset. If a stair is located along a wall on one side or both(in most cases for interior application) the handrail must be at least 1.5" from the wall (UBC). A separate offset field is needed for each side since thereare situations where one side needs offsettinginwards and the other outwards. Most of the times I use the 2d part of this PIO and I resort to converting the pio to group to adjust the handrails location accordingly.
  3. Yes, the length of the handrail in relation to the stair tread is another necessary option. The distance varies at both ends for residential or commercial (ADA compliant)projects. Yes on the dual break line. Another workaround I use for handrails is 2d walls.
  4. I am looking for a script that gives the user the ability to edit record fields values via a pop-up windows (click to select object) where the user can tab thru the fields to change the values. The script would be active until cancelled by the user. Since an object or symbol can have more than one record attached to it, the ideal script would have a second option in the mode bar, which would bring up all the existing records in the drawing and the user can choose the default editing record for thescript. I use my own record formats for door/window schedules, TBs and I currently use the OIP/data tab, but such a tool would make record field value editing a breeze. Another flavor of this script would have the option to select all objects or symbols with the default record format and bring up the editing window for each one regardless of thelayer/class visibility. This option would list the object/symbol - layer/class info as a reminder to the user. An example use of this script is when one does not start with a template that includes title blocks, and these have to be inserted manually and the record field value has to be edited for each instance. Is this achievable with VS, does anybody have it, is willing to share it or sell it.
  5. Regardless of how the overlapping lines have originated there are two options that I know ofto clean up unwanted overlapping lines in VW: 1. Do a manual clean up, select each line anddelete 2. There is a plug-in available from Studio Sintecfor $50 US that does this for you. I have notused it therefore I cannot comment on its performance. http://www.studiosintec.com/ quote: Originally posted by Springer: Can someone suggest a way to remove unnecessary lines in imported DXF files? I want import these files, add dimensions to create construction drawings. I would have thought that choosing View>Rendering>Hidden Line would do just that, but all of the lines I don't want remain. I need to simply the DXF image so that the plans are very clear-just the outlines of the pieces in question. Is this is a function of DXF files, or is there a way that DFX files should be set up before importing/exporting? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. quote: Originally posted by mickey: This is the first time I've noticed this.I imported an ACAD file, added my changes, and now have exported it back to ACAD.When I open the file in ACAD2000 all curved lines are now angular, jagged representations. Not just what I have drawn, but all curves throughout the drawing. Has anyone seen this before? Set a higher value for "viewres" variable in ACAD.
  7. It would be very helpful if VW would support personal folders for 3rd party PIOs under the VW plugins folder. I must have 200 +/- PIOs or commands other than VW defaults that reside in the same folder with VWPIOs. Whenever I have to upgrade to a new version or locate a specific PIO I have to scroll thru hundreds of files to find a single PIO. I manage my personal commnads with a prefix but 3rd party PIOs are something else. Thank You George C.
  8. Thank you for your reply Caleb. I am a PC user. I will cross my fingers and hope this option will make it in the next major release. Thanks again, ------------------ George Cocea VWA 9.5beta, Win2k


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