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  1. How would a user enter a carriage return at a VectorWorks worksheet cell ?
  2. Thank you for the tip Bill. There seems to be some sort of bug though I am not able to label it as such with the color behavior when sheet layer viewport black and white only setting. An example, a switch pio with red color (pen setting not fill this time) in model layer, will only show the outline in the viewport. George Cocea
  3. I would like to find out is this is a bug or some sort of file and/or system corruption at my end. When I selected the black and white option in sheet layer viewports under advanced properties, certain objects lost the black fill. The objects that still showed a black fill are reference marker pio (i.e. section, elevation). I doubled check the color used and it did mention "black" for the objects that did not display the solid fill. George Cocea VW Designer 2008, OSX 10.4.11
  4. Thomas, I'm glad to hear you solved the printing issue. Thank you for the update info. I will update my plotter to the specs you provided. George C.
  5. Thomas, Since your roll is 36" wide you do not need to have the plot rotated. Make sure that you see "Portrait" selected under Printing Preferences/Layout and that rotation is not checked under Printing Preferences/Page Layout. If all the other rotation settings fail. You can define a custom page size in Printing Preferences - Layout Tab - Advanced (see the lower right side of the dialog) Under "Paper Size" select "Postscript Custom Page Size", here you can define a page size 36" wide x 24" high or the other way around depending on the rotation issue. HTH, George C.
  6. Thomas, I forgot to update my profile, I am currently running VWA10.5.1 on XP. There is a separate PS driver for the 800PS. Go to the HP website under drivers for XP the last driver is "HP DesignJet Printer Driver (PostScript)" it is a 14MB file, this is the driver I was referring to. George C. quote: Originally posted by Thomas Ames: Thank you George. I just checked HP's site again. One ends up with the same driver, 5.34, whether one chooses 800 (42 in), Windows XP or 800PS (42 inch) Windows XP. I notice that you are using VWA 10.0.1. Hard to believe that would fix the problem compared to VWA 10.0.0. I will see what I can do to update to that. I'm awaiting a call back from NNA tech support. I spent a good deal of time on phone with them Tuesday, January 20th.
  7. I've experienced the same with the same setup . Try the PS driver as I recall I was able to print with that driver. George C.
  8. I don't know if this is going to help but when I experienced the same behavior with plotting on an 800ps running Win2k I concluded that this occurs only when the "Zoom line weights" was not selected. What caught my attention (at least at my end) was that all the lineweights were the same. I don't know if everyone else is experiencing the same but this is what works for me. The HP driver I use in the non-ps version 5.02 on Win2K SP3 over a ethernet connection.
  9. quote: Originally posted by Ariel: Not sure if this is already in the wishlist or is available in VW10 but couldn't the OIP show as well the actual text shown in a selected text or dimension object? This would be a timesaving feature to avoid having to zoom in to check if the text or dimensions are written correctly. In VW10 the OIP displays the dimension value in the "Length" field. You can even enter a specific value to change the dimension in the same field. As far as text showing in the OIP I don't know if this is feasible. A large text block will not fit anywhere in the OIP. You may want to take a look at Julian Carr's "VW essentials" which includes a tool called "edit text block by dialogue". It brings up the selected text block in a dialog window to be edited or viewed.
  10. quote: Originally posted by Runtime Error: Lately I've been inserting doors with a jamb width setting of zero. Upon closer inspection in the Object Info palett, the jamb width reads 0.1" When I enter zero in place of 0.1" to update the door, it reverts to a jamb width of 0.1". I don't want a door jamb width of 0.1", I don't want a door jamb at all. How can I resolve this issue? I had the same question on a different list, I've been told it will be fixed in 10.1 as I recall. Meanwhile you could use simple door 2.
  11. quote: Originally posted by biffoball: Thanks George. I have Win XP. Following your advice I was able to add a 24x26 size to the paper size options, but as with all the other sizes, the PDF only reproduces a few lines of the drawing. The only option that copies the drawing completely is "postscript custom page size". Does the method you outlined work for you? I just re-tested a VWA 10 file and it works at my end. I am puzzled as to why it only prints a few lines. You could try to re-install Acrobat ( I would uninstall first) and see if this corrects the problem. I recall when I first installed Acrobat that the system must have a postscript printer driver installed first before the Acrobat install otherwise it would not work properly. I do not know if this is still the case with XP. I installed a generic printer from the windows cd or you can probably download one from the adobe website.
  12. quote: Originally posted by biffoball: I have VW10 for PC. I want to save 24x36 Arch D sheet to PDF 24x36 sheet. I can't figure out how to change the size for PDF. Page > Set Print Area is set to 24x36.In "Print Setup" the paper size that will work is "Postscript Custom Page Size", but how do I customize the page size? I've tried going to Acrobat Distiller > Properties > Adobe PDF Settings set for "Print" > Edit Conversion Settings > Default page size 24x36, but PDF page size is always 22x17. You can create a new form (page size/margins). Here are the steps in Win 2K: Open the printers folder, go to the File menu - select Server Properties, in the pop up window select the forms tab and choose create a New form. After you create this new page layout you should be able to select it in the Distiler paper size drop down list. I tested this with Acrobat 4.0 / Win 2k.
  13. quote: Originally posted by FRED JOHNSON: Some time ago I downloaded a script which takes the model and generates the four building elevations on a separate layer - linked to the model. This script is nolonger available and I have no idea who wrote it. I tried to e-mail it to VectorDepot but it woiuld not go for some reason. I will try and post it there again. You're probably referring to the ElevMOD by Dan Belfiori. This is the link to his website: http://www.monitor.net/~dbelfm/mcadtools.htm
  14. quote: Originally posted by Katie: It looks like in VW 9.5.2/3 you can't do it still. VW 10.0.0 you can. I was able to get it to work in a new 10 document as well as a converted 8 to 10 document. In VWA 10, if the wall has a record attached to it the eyedropper tool will not pick up/paint the cavities onto another wall. If the wallrecord is removed then it works.
  15. quote: Originally posted by whitecap: robert, that sounds like a trmendous advantage but, let's suppose i'm stuck with 9.5.2 for a while. is this kind of accelerated production available for my current level in some form or another? jeff I used a kensington mouse in ver 8 on both PC & Mac. Mouseworks, the mouse soft provided by the manf., has a good level of customization, though I do not recall being able to include a zoom shortcut, it may be possible with the updated version. You may want to take a look at : www.kensington.com
  16. quote: Originally posted by Katie: Make sure when you double click on the Eye dropper tool that "Class" has a checkmark next to it. This will allow you to pick up class attributes. Yes, it picks up the class attributes and it paints the graphic attributes correctly, except that the graphic attributes are not set to class style (arrow in the graphic attributes palette). This occurs even when both the subject and target subject have graphic attributes set to class style.
  17. Yes this bug has been around for a while, and I've been begging for this fix. Hopefully we'll see this happen soon.
  18. I don't know where it went or why the command is not available anymore. To regen PIOs in v10 go to Organzie\Scripts\Create Plug in, and once the dialog box comes up click "Done" (no changes are necessary), VW will regen all PIOs.
  19. I would like to have the ability to snap to a gray representation for both layers and while editing a group. Since objects' color are already defined in the drawing a user selectable level of graying (or color fading) of the existing objects' color would be adequate in my view.
  20. I had a similar situation a while ago on a PC. The solution suggested by someone else is to create a script via Organize/Custom Visibility/ /show , then choose kind is layer links. I created a plug in menu command for both show and hide layer links for convenience. If it works, you may end up with all the previous layer links since they are not deleted just hidden. Hope this works.
  21. You don't need to scale the symbols. Just layer link the 1:1 schematic on a layer with your choice of scale. But a 1:48 scale will reduce your 1:1 to 48 times smaller. You may want to add another layer in the house plan set of 1:1 or the desired printed scale of the schematic, and layer link the drawing onto this layer.
  22. quote: Originally posted by Mat Caird: How do I put floor plan at 1:100 & roof plan at 1:250 on the same sheet? Here's the scene; 3 floor building, still in design stage, needs drawings for fundraising.I used the setup assistant and now have 22 iso A1 sized sheets. 1 sheet for each floor plan, 1 sheet for the roof plan, and so on. I have created a new layer (A3-plans), and on it created a layer link to each floor plan. So now I can print out 1 sheet with 3 floorplans on it - awesome. There's enough room left over for the roof plan, but at a reduced scale. Because the design is not final, I want to use layer links to show the roof plan on the presentation sheet, not convert copy to polygon... So I created a new layer at a reduced scale (layer roof-link), and put a layer link to Mod-Roof. Looks good.Switch back to Layer 'A3-plans' and create a layer link to roof-link, and nothing shows up. So I guess there's two questions here.... 1) does VW support 'nested' layer links? (as described above)2) how would you people do the drawing I am attempting? Thanks for your help in advance 1) No 2)Just create another layer with thedesired scale (roof reduced scale), link the roof plan on this layer,and turn it on along with the other layer where you layere linked the floor plans. You can unlockthe layer link after creation to move where desired on the page. You may want to create anew saved sheet with these two layers for easier navigation later. Hope this helps.
  23. I know there are plenty of fixes and other wishes we are looking forward to in the next version, but if you could include a "lag screw" pio similar to the "bolt and nut" it will be helpful for both large scale architectural and structural detailing.
  24. Robert, thank you for the suggestion. I used the handrail plug-in to create a handrail, but I had to tweak the values to have a handrail only and not a guardrail. The "1st upright spacing" value has to be higher than the lenght and the "1st horizontal height" value has to be higher than the "overall height"value. Or, assing a class to "uprights" & "intermediate rails" and turn it off. I believe a better name for the handrail pio is guardrail pio. In certain cases the top of the guardrail can act as a handrail but not always. My 2 cents


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