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  1. www.vectordepot.com/plug-ins/ offers the "plane mode" pio which will convert globally all objects (no selection required) to either layer plane or screen plane.
  2. Here is a solution (via QuicKeys) to place/assign a VW menu command on a QuicKeys toolbar and execute the command with a single mouse click. For more info see: ? attached 01 VW screen example (this is what my current setup is) ? attached 02 VW qKeys captures ? QuicKeys website: http://www.startly.com/products/quickeys/mac/4/ Other tools & tips 1. Bluetooth keypad I added this keypad, whose keys I programmed assigned (via QuicKeys) for ease of entering dimensions with my left hand. If you prefer a streamlined values (including ft & in markers) input you may consider this keypad For more info see: ? http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Cropmark/8337/ ? attached 03 bluetooth keypad 2. Arch calculator It is helpful when I need quick calcs whose values are stored on tape. The input keys and tape can be minimized for the app to occupy a small footprint on screen, as it can stay on top of all apps. For more info see: ? 01 VW screen example ? http://www.cast-db.com/archCalc/ 3. iBiz for time tracking & billing I use this app which fits my needs. If you are looking for such an app you may want to consider it. For more info see: ? attached 04 iBiz captures ? http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibiz/index.php 4. Papers - for a digital reference library Papers offers a clean interface of document organization (currently PDF.) I use it to organize my VW tips, software & hardware manuals, Building code references etc. I used to have the setup in finder, however the lack of quick search & view & navigation & the distraction of the rest of the items in the finder was an incentive to acquire Papers. The next version coming out in the next several days looks more promising. For more info: ? attached 05 Papers capture ? http://www.mekentosj.com/papers/ I hope the above answers some questions for other fellow vectorworkers. George C.
  3. Try to increase the "max text width" value in the OIP.
  4. I read in an earlier post that someone reported this bug. My answer to bugs is:I HOPE that they will be fixed (squashed.) AFAIK, there is no public information about the number of bugs nor about their outcome.
  5. Hi Farookey, You are welcome. I am glad to see that it solved part of your problem, and that Matt polished it up for you.
  6. I get the same behavior with the section line pio. It seems to be a bug. As a workaround, I place reference marker pios in place of the section line pio on a separate layer, next I place the section line pios in a separate class which I turn off.
  7. Here is a simple crude vs (sequence of commands) that comes close to what you described: DoMenuTextByName('print', 0); Message('Next, Save as PDF'); DoMenuTextByName('print', 0); clrmessage; This set of commands will call the the print command twice. The first time the user can print the file, next there will be a message displayed on screen "Next, Save as PDF" which you can change per your needs. At the second print dialog the user can save the file as PDF. You can copy the vs commands above and create a vs command Tools/Scripts/VectorScript Plug-in Editor... which you could label "Print", or "Print & PDF", next edit the workspace (or a copy of ) Tools/Workspaces/Workspace Editor remove the Print command (or not), and add the new "Print & PDF" command in the File menu. BTW, I am not a vectorscript programmer beyond a few command lines.
  8. One way of doing this is via a worksheet. After you create a pio (i.e., door, window, etc) report, or schedule worksheet you can insert additional 'record(s)'.'field(s)' in a new column. After that, it's pretty much typical worksheet interface; you enter a new value in the worksheet cell(s) and the pio updates automatically. You can get all the pio fields available by using a script wrote by Pat Stanford (see link below for source) which creates a new worksheet of all the fields associated with the selected pio. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=115054&Searchpage=1&Main=23203&Words=GetPIORecordFields&Search=true#Post115054 For your inquiry Exterior trim class for windows the database input is ='Window'.'ExtSillTrimClass' HTH, George
  9. Miguel, I will try your suggestion. Meanwhile, I found a workaround for my immediate need: I can select "Create Redline Status WS" menu command and it will open the worksheet if it exists in the resource browser. Thank You
  10. I would like to find out if there is a vs command to open a specified worksheet. I had no success with the current VS functions reference for such a task. Specifically, I want to create a simple vs that will open the Redlines Status Report worksheet. Thank you, George
  11. I recall this option from a recent experience setting up some simple scripts via the Tools/Custom Tool Attribute menu command. Select your snap options, go to Tools/Custom Tool Attribute... and select only the "smart cursor setting" option, click OK and the script will be created. BTW, I tested the snap options scripts and it works on my VW 2009 SP5 version. You can do this step for any snap configuration you want; thereafter you can copy the script (via the resource browser) , create a menu command and assign it a keyboard shortcut in the workspace editor.
  12. Another option is to create a symbol out of the circle and select the option to convert to group.
  13. I use Global Text Attributes by Software Customization Services, Inc. I recall that a demo is available. http://scs-inc.us/default.php?page=products&subPage=Products/Global%20Text%20Attributes/Default Best, George
  14. Pat, Thank you, it does not seem to work. BTW, I am using this single line vs to clarify what I did with the info you provided. SetPref(1030, NOT GetPref(1030)); George
  15. I searched the VW vectorscript appendix for the viewport > advanced properties > black & white only preference assigned number but I could not find a listing. I attached a screen capture of the dialog window for info clarity. Does anybody know if there is a preference available for this option. I want to create a toggle preference script for this option. TIA, George
  16. I am researching the availability of a vs that would do the following: Copy object(s) to Paste (this step is performed pre vs execution) Execute vs 1. VS Brings up a dialog window with available design and sheet layers 2. User selects layer(s) on to which the object(s) to be pasted in place 3. Click "OK" 4. Layer visibility set to "Active Only", the script activates each selected layer in turn and pastes in place initially copied object(s) Note: I plan to paste object(s) on layers with the same scale hence no scaling is necessary. The purpose of this script for my self is to speed up the placement of title blocks with or without border on intended design or sheet layers. It is easier to setup a title block and border on one layer and then copy and paste in place on the rest of needed layers, then edit the title block information via the a worksheet with the added two way editing in 2008 ability. As a TB location reference I can use =L for layer record while editing the information at worksheet. I acknowledge that I am not a vs oriented and I am inquiring if someone has such a vs that would like to share. Regards, George Cocea
  17. Well, I thought of a work around, that is to do the redlines on sheet layers only, not in viewport annotations nor on design layers. This will eliminate the layer annotation that the redline pio offers when created however I can input the redline reference information my self. As far as projects with no sheet layers setup, hope that future upgrades will provide the option. Pat, thank you for digging into the flexibility to list redline pio records as needed. Regards,
  18. Pat, In this particular project there are not sheet layers setup. I use viewports on design layers in my workflow. Regards,
  19. Pat, I created the worksheet via the menu command Text > Redlines > Create Redline Status WS. It seems at my file the redline pio record is counted at viewports as well. Regards,
  20. I would like to find out if there is a way for the redline pio worksheet status to list the instance of the pio once and not count the pios in other viewports. I understand that the duplication of record behavior works as designed for the benefit of other futures. I tried turning off the "Relines" class in all vieports and saved views but it did not yield the result I am looking for. I appreciate any input about this subject. Regards,
  21. Is there anyone who would not mind sharing a vector script to set the graphic attributes of selected objects "by class" settings, I can certainly use it. TIA, George
  22. Pat, Thank you for the work around tip.
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