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  1. Here's two more from another office. Client / OS X Server both on 10.4.8 w/XServe G4 server access via AFP Files were left open overnight. Next morning they were 4K. One was just sitting there, the other being used to generate a rendering. (Yes, I know over the network was not the fastest way to do this, he's been told.) File paths are long. Say over 60 characters, maybe over 100. We're suspicious of our backup. Twice a day at 1PM and 11PM Retrospect, on a 3rd machine, does a duplicate of the entire shared space to another machine. (We backup this duplicate to tape at night.) VW Build 12.5.0(60761) Retrospect v6.1.126 OS X Server 10.4.8 (8L127) Any suggestions?
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