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  1. Fills keep printing oddly - what appears on the screen is completely different in print. This makes drawings un usable for construction purposes. never had this on any VW (or Minicad) before. Have Quartz now turned ON (so at least the disappearing features are now appearing - q.v. my post of 13th Dec). hatches are fine. What box have I missed checking..? It's the same for both printers - the elderly inkjet Epson and the new Xerox laser..
  2. Dear Katie, I checked my preferences and the Quartz imaging was not enabled - so was not operational when I was trying to print. I also looked at the same drawing on the Preview for my very new laser printer - Xerox Phaser 6120 and it also displayed the same problem. (FWIW When I used the print to .pdf function I used the print to .pdf function in the OS). After reading your email I went back to VW and 'checked' the Quartz box in the list of Preferences thus enabling it: the problem seems to be resolved on the drawings I have now printed. So many thanks. Excuse my ignorance but what is Quartz printing and why was it now necessary to enable it in this version? I've just checked the VW12 that I have not upgraded and it is not enabled' there - and all the printing worked for months.... Francesca
  3. I've just upgraded from VW12 to VW12.5 (the basic version). I am horrifed to find that I am having real problems printing. The information that I see on the screen is in some casees missing or distorted (heavy lines where light lines were or fills altered). This is even the same if I print to .pdf. Some of the drawings so affected were printed as VW12 drawings perfectly OK. Some of my VW 8.6 drawings (the last version I had before VW12) are not affected. I have not checked all my drawings yet. This is so serious as I cannot issue drawings and months of work now appears to be useless and impossible to access. If I cut and paste from older drawings onto a new drawing, the information is also affected - even though it was fine on the older drawing. I have not upgraded the copies VW12 on the other computers and the drawings are fine there . I realise that I have an old printer (an Epson stylus 1160) which works imperfectly with OSX but this would not explain the .pdf problem too. This is costing me time and blew a meeting for me with clients.


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